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Classics photo gallery

Classics students and faculty traveling, studying and other activities.

Dr. Emil Kramer receives lifetime achievement award

Dr. Emil Kramer has been honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Illinois Classical Conference (ICC), recognizing him for outstanding contributions to Classics in the state of Illinois.

Katelyn Farrell Dr. Mischa Hooker, Dr. Kirsten Day Dr. Emil Kramer

A major to make you stand out

Here’s a college major that makes you a serious problem-solver and superior writer. And it’s an attention-getter that shows would-be employers that you are curious and creative.

Shakespeare’s 450th birthday

Humanities grads: successful and happy

The world needs, and often rewards, graduates in the humanities.

Tea Talks: Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse

Dr. Kirsten Day, associate professor of classics, will present the Tea Talk: "Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse."