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Collegia Classica Augustana

The purpose of Collegia Classica is to promote appreciation for the study of Greek and Roman civilizations and cultures through fun and educational activities and events.

Collegia Classica is comprised of members of Eta Sigma Phi, an honorary Classics fraternity that recognizes achievements in Classics, as well as other students who are interested in classical antiquity. The group organizes events for both Classics majors and non-majors, including group dinner outings, and movie events for the whole campus.

Join our weekly meetings Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. in Old Main to take part in the planning of events for the entire campus, as well as activities to promote connections within our group. 

Fall term, the group partners with Student Life to host the Augustana Homecoming Games! It's a spin-off of the original Olympic Games open to the entire campus, and many groups compete to win prizes and honor.

Winter term, the group hosts movies nights relevant to Collegia.

Spring term is spent furthering connections within the group through potlucks and other activities.

And every term, the group has an "End of Term Dinner" for students and faculty in the Classics department and Collegia Classica to come together to celebrate another successful term.

President: Katelyn Farrell
Vice president: Cheyanne Lencioni
Secretary: Hannah Vercellotti
Treasurer: Mark Sharp

Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Day 
Phone: 309-794-7240