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Data Analytics

Almost every industry is being reshaped by data analytics. Finance, marketing, manufacturing, insurance, energy, government, retail, transportation and logistics, biotech and health care rely heavily on data-driven decisions and need employees who can responsibly evaluate and interpret big data. 

These industries seek graduates who can communicate effectively in person and on paper, and who can successfully work in teams. Augustana’s curriculum is built on a foundation of educational requirements that make this field of study a natural fit for our students. Students in all majors master the art and science of asking the right questions, finding patterns, collaborating, communicating well, connecting disparate ideas, and addressing ethical concerns and issues.

During their first three terms at Augustana, students enroll in courses designed to help them become active, critical learners. Because of this background, an Augustana data analyst will be trained in deep reasoning and diverse thinking, possessing a perspective of seeing across boundaries so they ask not only “Why?” but also “Why not?”

The Augustana program

Augustana’s program will have five components: prerequisite courses in statistics, spreadsheets and databases; courses in computer science; three specific data analytics courses; electives in the student’s chosen field; and an internship or major project within a student’s field that incorporates data analytics. Augustana’s location in the Quad Cities provides ample opportunities for internships and community outreach. 

The data analytics major and minor will be open to any student on campus, regardless of major area of interest. Any department whose majors need to analyze large volumes of data will be good candidates to participate in this program.

Yvette Furaha, Charlene Nzigire and Grace Fitzpatrick

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