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Data analytics

A natural fit for the liberal arts — seeing the bigger picture

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Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to find trends and draw conclusions. It’s a growing career field, and Augustana is one of only a few liberal arts colleges to offer a major and minor.

The field touches many areas — which is why a liberal arts education is an excellent background for data analytics. So your education will not stop at teaching technical skills; your broader perspective will help you to identify the questions that need to be solved.

Focusing on business analytics, our major includes courses in computer science, mathematics, ethics and statistics, along with specific data analytics courses. Complementary coursework ranges from business to geography to philosophy.

Many data analytics students double major; any major is suitable for pairing with data analytics.

What you'll learn

Quantitative literacy

Quantitative literacy

Interpret, represent and summarize information. Use math and statistics to solve problems.

Disciplinary knowledge

Disciplinary knowledge

Gain a deep understanding of your subject and how it connects to other subjects.

Critical thinking and information literacy

Critical thinking and information literacy

Judge and construct arguments, raise questions and define problems. Make a conclusion based on evidence.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking

Combine ideas to create something new. Use imaginative ways of solving problems.

Communication competence

Communication competence

Read and listen carefully. Express ideas (writing or speaking) suited to the audience.


• Augustana’s data analytics major and minor include practical experience and an analytics project — with an outside business or organization — that can impact job opportunities after graduation. These finished projects for actual firms can become the highlight of each student’s portfolio, to use for employment or graduate school applications.

• Students will learn to use industry standard tools: the Python programming language, Tableau business intelligence software, R algorithm development, Microsoft's Access or SQL, the Alteryx data analytics platform, and statistical tools SASS or SPSS.

• Augustana’s location in the Quad Cities (pop. 450,000) provides many opportunities for internships, employment and community outreach. Area employers seek Augustana students for their broad knowledge and quick thinking, and Augustana faculty are well connected to opportunities in the area.

Recent graduates

John Hayes '21 is a risk consulting associate at RSM in Chicago and pursing a CPA license.

Freja Hager '21 is an audit associate with RSM in Davenport, Iowa.

Omidullah Barikzay '21 is a software developer with John Deere and pursuing a master's in cyber security at Iowa State University.

Son Nguyen '20 is employed at Datalab USA 2020.

Minh Ta '20 is a software engineer at Author by Humana.

Pavel Yashurkin '20 is an audit and assurance assistant at Deloitte.

Mark Hoffmann '15 is chief architect at HomeAware.

More Than I Imagined Carissa Boerboom
“After talking with my advisors, and the first data classes, I knew that was the path I wanted to pursue.”
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More Than I Imagined Bryson Adcock
“I want to pursue a career in sports analytics, so my internship with Augustana’s football program helped me gain valuable experience.”
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Augustana’s timely new major and minor extend from time-honored academic programs.

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