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Geology student research 2019-20

Shah Ali 2020

Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the Cambrian Flathead and Deadwood Sandstone of Wyoming and South Dakota: An Analysis of Provenance and Sediment Dispersal Patterns


Lukas Karuza 2020

Geochemical Analysis and Heat-Treatment of Natural Sapphires from Mozambique and Tanzania in Oxidizing and Reducing Conditions


Joshua Malone 2020

Late Jurassic Dinosaurs on the Move: Gastroliths and Long-Distance Migration


Michael Sell 2020

Heavy Mineralogy of Bedload Sediment in the Upper Mississippi River and the Influence of Tributaries


Adam Borgetti, 2019

Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Late Wisconsin Glacial Erratics from Western Indiana: Implications for Provenance and Lobe Advance

Paige Gerhart, 2019

Spectroscopic Fingerprinting of Fluorescent Gems

Matthew Harrington, 2019

Identifying Dietary and Migratory Patterns of Illinois Mammuthus Primigenius Populations Using Isotope Analysis of Carbon, Oxygen, and Strontium

Bethany Hobart, 2019

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Lithophysae and 3-D Visualization of the Internal Structure of Banded Agate Nodules

Lauren Judge, 2019

Genetic Sequencing for Measuring Biodiversity in Recent and Ancient Marine Sediments

Sierra Kindley, 2019

Identifying Spatial Variance in the Geochemistry of Shallow Marine Sediments: A Study of Grand Cayman

Katherine Ludwig, 2019

Geochronology of the Chinchín Formation in Southern Ecuador

Joshua Pearson, 2019

Holocene Paleoclimate Record of Northern Iowa Recorded in Flowstone

Jill Reale, 2019

Effects of Heat Treatment on Spinels as Determined by VIS/NIR and Raman Spectroscopy and XRD

Autumn Peele

Celebration of Learning showcases the work behind the future of students

From art and anthropology to philosophy and physics, nearly 100 students shared their research and creative projects during the first virtual Celebration of Learning.

Josh Malone

New York Times features 2020 grad's research

Geology/geography double major Josh Malone '20 of Chenoa, Ill., never imagined his Senior Inquiry research would one day be featured in The New York Times.

Dr. Jenny Arkle

Augustana’s focus on the health of streams is local and far-reaching

The Sustainable Urban Watersheds Project has received three grants totaling $40,700 from local organizations to support its work.