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Latin American and Latinx Studies

By choosing Latin American and Latinx studies at Augustana, you will expand your awareness and understanding of Latin America, the Caribbean and Latinx communities in the United States through a curriculum of in-class and experiential requirements. 

The college offers a minor in Latin American and Latinx studies, requiring 17 credits, an experiential component and a capstone essay.

Coursework in several disciplines, combined with experiential learning opportunities, encourages analysis of how historical experiences, cultural expression, geopolitical processes and the physical environment interact to influence the ways in which the region and Latin American and Latinx societies at large respond to local, regional, national and international dynamics.

If you’re majoring in Spanish, the minor is appropriate for adding a multidisciplinary perspective of Latin America to your language studies. It is also recommended to majors in other disciplines who desire an area studies component in their curricula.

What you'll learn

Disciplinary knowledge

Disciplinary knowledge

Gain a deep understanding of your subject and how it connects to other subjects.

Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence

Understand real and imaginary similarities and differences. Use more than one perspective to view issues.

Intellectual curiosity

Intellectual curiosity

Set yourself up for lifelong intellectual growth. Take responsibility for your own learning.

Ethical citizenship

Ethical citizenship

Examine and embrace your strengths, passions and values. Develop ethical convictions and act on them.

Critical thinking and information literacy

Critical thinking and information literacy

Judge and construct arguments, raise questions and define problems. Make a conclusion based on evidence.

Outside the classroom

Participation in the Augustana Summer Spanish Program in Ecuador and/or the Augustana Latin American term is highly recommended. The college offers several related study abroad terms, including:

• The Augustana Summer Spanish Program in the Andes is held each year from June through August. Students live with families while attending classes at the Center for Inter-American Studies (CEDEI) in Cuenca, Ecuador. Students also take several excursions, capped off by a 10-day trip to Peru.

• Students may apply for study abroad programs in Brazil and Mexico (travel writing).

• Short-term service learning programs send students to Latin America for up to three weeks, including Guatemala.

Recent graduates

Francis Gow ’20 is pursuing a master's at the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies in Gainesville, Fla.

Samantha Wright '20 is a research coordinator at Transitions Mental Health Services in Rock Island, Ill.

Ariana Solis ’19 is a clinical care coordinator at PCC Community Wellness Center in Chicago.

Lydia Lara ’19 is a fellow enrollment specialist at Public Allies Chicago.

Karina Huerta ’17 is a child and family counselor at Sarah's Inn in Forest Park, Ill.

Cindy Morales ’17 is the site coordinator and learning facilitator at St. Augustine College in Chicago.

Lizandra Gomez-Ramirez '17 is a public defender in Rock Island County, Ill.

Cindy Morales
More Than I Imagined Cindy Morales
“My peak experience was traveling to Brazil my sophomore year. As a Latina, it meant the world to me to finally be able to be in Latin America.”
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Francis Gow
More Than I Imagined Francis Gow
“During freshman year, I took a history class that changed my approach toward Latin America, my home region, and I developed a passion for human rights.”
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More Than I Imagined Samantha Wright
“My peak experience is definitely my study abroad trip to Ecuador where I stayed with a host family for 10 weeks and spent another week in Peru.”
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Hispanic Film Festival begins Oct. 26

Augustana College will sponsor its 26th annual Hispanic Film Festival on Wednesdays, Oct. 26-Nov. 30. All films will be shown at 7 p.m. in Hanson Hall of Science, Room 102. Films are free and open to the public.

Ernesto Estigarribia

Paraguayan conductor joining Augustana this fall

Augustana College has appointed Paraguayan conductor Ernesto Estigarribia as assistant professor and director of orchestral activities, beginning this fall.

Francis Sophia Gow

Winner of this year’s $5,000 Hasselmo Award will be a voice for human rights

For Francis Sophia Gow ’20, a first-year history course set her future in motion.