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Pre-Law course catalog


Advisor: DAVID DEHNEL, Professor (Political Science)
B.A., Wisconsin; M.A., Ph.D., Minnesota

The practice of law requires three years of study in Law School following the completion of a bachelor’s degree. The key to preparing for law school is a broad and demanding liberal arts education. Such an education equips students to think critically, to read and comprehend difficult material, to write and speak clearly and effectively, to do research, and to develop and defend an argument. Law schools do not specify a preference for any particular undergraduate major. Accordingly, Augustana does not offer a pre-law major, but offers relevant courses and pre-law advising to assist students majoring in any field..

To develop the skills needed for law school and the practice of law, students are encouraged to take COMM 101 Public Speaking, PHIL 100 Critical Reasoning, and ENGL 200 Writing Process. For an introduction to the legal system and the study of law, students should consider POLS 260 The Legal System, POLS 361 Constitutional Law I, and PHIL 324 Philosophy of Law.

All students considering a law-related career should contact the pre-law advisor. Admission to law school is highly competitive. For a good chance of admission to an accredited law school, students generally need a grade average of B or better and an LSAT score above the median. In addition to strong grades and LSAT scores, law schools seek students who engage in activities that demonstrate the qualities of leadership and citizenship. Additional information is available from the advisor.