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Career Development

Career Development is a signature program within CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration).

Services are offered from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays at the CORE Commons, Olin Center.

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With a commitment to student success, members of the Career Development team partner with students as they move through the career development process. 

Beginning with exploration, students explore who they are and how they want to live that out in the world. Combining vocational exploration and career development strategies, students will explore strengths, interests, values, and the needs of the world.

Next students move into preparation as they ready themselves for deeper engagement in experiential learning through CORE’s signature programs. This step includes all the typical services associated with career development, such as resume writing, interviewing strategies, internship and job search, and graduate or professional school pursuit. 

Once students engage in internships and other experiential learning opportunities, career coaches partner with students to get them career ready for either pursuing full-time work or entrance to graduate or professional school programs.

Career coaching is a student-centered partnership between student and career coach designed to assist students in developing career management skills while meeting the student’s career goals. Career coaches develop knowledge and expertise for the fields of interest:

Accounting, business, and management

Arts and entertainment

Communications and marketing, and sales



Exploring majors and careers

Health sciences

Law, government, and public administration

Science, technology, engineering and math

Social impact and community service

Individual career coaching appointments are available to students and recent graduates regarding all areas of career planning and preparation. Appointments can be scheduled through Handshake, our career platform. 

Services and resources for students

Vocational and career exploration

Vocational and career exploration begins with acquiring self-knowledge (interests, skills, and values) and discovering path and purpose, then exploring current and future opportunities through signature CORE programs.

Viking Score

Augustana College’s Viking Score is an innovative approach to guiding students through all stages of career development and corresponding resources available to promote career success. As students move through the activities, they earn points that are tracked in the Viking Score database. 

Career goal

A career goal is a personal statement defining what you plan to do next, such as a first position after graduation, an internship, entrance to graduate or professional school, or a position after graduate or professional school. Think about your career goal as an answer to this common question: What do you want to do after graduation?

Gaining experience

An integral part of achieving career success includes gaining experience. CORE was created to make the process of finding and completing what are often referred to as high-impact practices or experiential education possible.  Examples of high-impact practices include student research, study away, EDGE Center activities, volunteer and community service, internships, and student employment.

Viking Connections

Viking Connections is Augustana College’s Career Alumni Connector Network to bring together accomplished alumni, current students, and fellow alumni.

Career fairs and events

Each year Career Development coordinates or promotes several local and regional career fairs hosting organizations and graduate schools seeking candidates for internships, full-time jobs, and graduate school candidates. 

Senior Road Map

Though the process for achieving career success begins early in a college career, seniors have additional pressure to make a plan.  Career coaches are especially interested in checking in with every single graduating senior to help them make a plan through the Senior Road Map. 

Job search

A successful search includes a culmination of activities from clarifying a career goal to creating stellar job search materials, tapping into a professional network to perfecting interview skills, and of course, applying for positions.  Career Development is here to walk you through every step of the way.

Graduate and professional school

The wait for acceptance to a graduate or professional school can be an anxious time. Preparing excellent materials is just one piece of the application process.  Career Development offers services and resources to assist with researching programs, gathering letters of recommendation, writing personal statements and taking entrance exams.