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Applying for study away; orientation and key dates

Augustana uses a series of application cycles. Each cycle is divided between the primary application period and an extended application period.

The primary period has a set due date and many programs will close to new applications after this period.

The extended application period allows some programs to extend the application deadline and accept students on a first- come, first-served basis. Only programs which have available space after the primary application period will accept applications during the extended period. This is true for all types of study away programming.

Since there will be some elements of the application process which are unique to each program type (semester, summer and January term) there is specific information on each application process.

Application and deposit

Augustana applications are completed online.

Use the step-by-step instructions for this process available from the International & Off-Campus Programs office to create your account and apply for the program of your choice.

Students may opt to apply to multiple programs during any application cycle but must indicate their preference (enroll in all, or a ranking of options) to the IOP director by email at the time of application. A student who wishes to apply to multiple programs but enroll only in one must make only one deposit. A student who wishes to participate in multiple programs must make a deposit for each program to which they are applying.

All applications have a required $300 deposit, of which $100 is nonrefundable.

However, students who apply during the primary application period are required to deposit only the nonrefundable $100 deposit. The remaining $200 is paid after a student is accepted into the program by Augustana. Students applying during the extended period must deposit the full $300 at that time. Deposits by cash or check are accepted at the Business Office in Sorensen Hall, or students can pay deposits online.

Students may withdraw from any program and receive a  refund of $200 of their $300 deposit up until the refund guarantee deadline for each program.  After this date students will be responsible for any shared or nonrefundable costs expended on their behalf.


Students accepted into a J-term program or summer program will be notified of orientation and predeparture meetings for their program, needed registration for courses, and payment schedules. Mandatory orientation assignments and meetings for all Augustana summer programs, fall semester programs and spring and June J-term programs will be held in the spring semester. Orientation assignments and meetings for spring semester programs and January J-term programs will be held during the fall semester.

J-term and Augustana-sponsored summer program orientation will be conducted by each program’s Augustana faculty director in the semester prior to departure, with online assignments and at least one meeting led by the IOP director.

Students accepted into semester abroad programs will complete online orientation activities and will be required to attend several orientation meetings designed for all semester-away participants and led by the Director of International & Off-Campus Programs in the semester prior to departure. There may also be several additional pre-departure requirements to be completed by students for the external or non-Augustana program provider.

Key dates

Summer programs
Primary admission period: Sept. 10-Dec. 10
Extended admission period: Dec. 11-Feb. 10
Refund guarantee deadline: April 1

Fall semester and J-term programs
Primary admission period: Sept. 10-Dec. 10
Extended admission period: Dec. 11-Feb. 10
Partner application deadline: March 1
Refund guarantee deadline: April 1

January J-term programs
Primary admission period: Sept. 10-Feb. 10
Extended admission period: Feb. 11-May 10
Refund guarantee deadline: Aug. 1

Spring semester and spring and June programs
Primary admission period: Sept. 10-Feb. 10
Extended admission period: Feb. 11-May 10
Partner application deadline: Aug. 1
Refund guarantee deadline: Aug. 1

Non-Augustana program applications

Augustana encourages students to thoroughly review the options made available by the college before exploring external or unaffiliated study away opportunities. Students who decide to enroll in a non-Augustana or independent study away program  still may be eligible for Augustana grants, scholarships and aid, and  also may receive assistance in transfer of credit to Augustana from the International & Off-Campus Programs office.

Students should anticipate that a review process for any external program will be required, as well as separate processes for course transfer approval and grant, scholarship or financial aid approval. These processes vary depending on the qualities and timing of the external program.


Students who wish to participate in a non-Augustana summer internship or summer study program should visit with the diirector of International & Off-Campus programs to start the process. The IOP office will require some basic documentation of the program and will provide students with information and appropriate documentation to transfer credits from the summer program back to Augustana. Additionally, IOP can assist students with locating  internal and external scholarships and grants which may apply to the summer study program.

January term

Augustana does not recommend that students engage in external or unaffiliated J-term programming as there is no transfer of financial aid funding to an external provider for a January term programs. While some grants, such as Augie Choice, may be possible for such an experience, they are not guaranteed.


Students are encouraged to review the list of Augustana-endorsed programs. However, there may be considerations which might motivate a student to look at other external programs.

In these cases, it may still be possible for a student to receive Augustana financial aid or scholarships by enrolling in the program through Augustana. Students who wish to do this should speak with the director of IOP as soon as possible to begin the application process.

Application and the availability of financial aid will be dependent upon enrollments within the Augustana pool of programs. For this reason, applications for external programs will only be accepted during the extended enrollment period for each semester (December-February for fall, and February-May for spring).

Students who do not qualify to enroll in the external program through Augustana, or programs which are not eligible for this option, are encouraged to discuss other possible enrollment and transfer credit options with the director of International Programs.