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Passport Grant scholarships

The Augustana Passport Grant is a need-based scholarship of $1,000 which is awarded to 30 Augustana students annually to support their participation in an Augustana-sponsored study away program.

Programs include summer language programs in 2021 and January 2022 (J-term) programs.

Grant awards are applied directly to the cost of the Augustana program, acting as a discount on the program expense. They may not be used on non-Augustana programs.  

Applications will open on March 5, 2021, for students who have been accepted to a study away program. The deadline for applications is May 10, 2021. 


• Students may combine this grant with Augie Choice if they are eligible for Augie Choice for the program selected. Preference will be given to first-time study abroad participants.

• While this is primarily a need-based grant, consideration of the quality of the application and application essays will factor into the grant award process. Preference will be given to students who travel internationally.

• Grants are awarded to pay for program costs of the students’ first choice. Students who are awarded a grant and then opt for a different program than the one indicated may be re-evaluated.

• All grants must be used towards the expenses of a study away program during the summer or academic year which follows the award. Students who defer their participation beyond that year forfeit the grant and must reapply in the next grant cycle.

• Students who are awarded a grant and opt not to enroll in the program will not receive the grant funds.

• Students may not request the grant funds as cash.

• The IOP Passport Grant must be used toward an Augustana endorsed program.