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Phone outage

Campus is open today, Aug. 12, however, the main switchboard remains out of service. 

To reach Augustana, call 309-794-7711. 


Summer internships

Many reputable providers offer summer internship programs of varying length and emphasis. Some programs combine part-time internships with academic coursework, while others provide full-time internships with no academic coursework required.

All internship programs are recommended for students only after completion of their sophomore year at Augustana. Students will require approval of CORE and/or their major department in order to transfer internship credit back to Augustana. Students should consult with their CORE career counselor before applying to any international summer internship program.

The following is only a partial list of potential providers, representing those providers which have been used, or are currently used, in an official capacity by Augustana. This is not a complete list of all potential providers. All of these are external programs with no registration or payments made to Augustana. They are treated as transfer credits direct from the provider.

  • AIFS - Argentina, England, Germany, and Italy.
  • CAPA -  Argentina, Australia, China, England, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.
  • CEA - Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.
  • CIEE - Canada, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, India, and more.
  • CIS Abroad - Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, and more.
  • IES Abroad - Australia, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and more.
  • The Intern Group - Colombia, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and more.

For students seeking out other alternative summer programs, we recommend beginning your search by visiting these online study away databases and search engines