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Symposium Days

Symposium Days involve learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Once per term, Augustana devotes a full day to an alternative approach for learning and opens the process to the entire campus community.

The college believes this multidisciplinary approach to discuss a “theme” truly exemplifies the rich value of liberal learning.

Symposium Days include invited speakers, alumni, advising sessions and opportunities to practice the liberal arts and be involved with our community.

Fall Symposium Day has a rotating theme connected to Augie Reads; Winter Symposium's theme is Social Justice; Spring Symposium is Celebration of Learning featuring original research and scholarship by Augustana's students and faculty.

2017-18 dates and themes

Fall: Transformations, Thursday, Sept. 28

Winter: Privilege, Wednesday, Jan. 17

Spring: Celebration of Learning, Wednesday, May 2

For more information contact Dr. Jeff Ratliff-Crain, associate dean.

Past dates and themes

Fall: “Crossroads,” Tuesday, Sept. 20

Winter: “Privilege,” Wednesday, Jan. 18

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 3


Fall: “Perspective(s),” Thursday, Sept. 17

Winter: “Social Justice,” Wednesday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 4


Fall: “Identity,” Wednesday, Sept. 24

Winter: “Social Justice,” Tuesday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 6


Winter: “Social Justice,” Monday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 7