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TRIO Student Support Services at Augustana

TRIO programs are designed to identify and provide services for eligible first-generation students and students with disabilities.

At Augustana College, the programs are supported by a $1.3 million TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) federal grant.

Augustana will identify students with the greatest need and provide individualized academic support, guidance, mentoring and strengths-based leadership assessment and training.

Students must apply to be TRIO Scholars at Augustana. Applications will be accepted until all spots are filled. Incoming and current students may apply.

Apply for TRIO

Eligible students

• First-generation students (neither parent has earned a four-year degree).

• Those with a high financial need (defined by Department of Education).

• Those with a disability (registered with Augustana Disability Services Office).

• Those with academic need who are registered at Augustana College.

All TRIO-eligible students must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Services and benefits

TRIO Scholars receive academic coaching and tutoring, and will have peer mentors. These mentors can help students understand college services and policies, and take advantage of cultural enrichment activities on campus and in the community.

They also will receive advice and assistance in course selection, career guidance and graduate school preparation.

Other services:

• Financial literacy workshops; assistance in completing financial aid applications and locating scholarships.

• Help with goals, decision-making and creating a four-year plan.

• Stress management, personal counseling and disability accommodations.

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Mission and goals

The college is committed to offering a challenging education that develops the qualities of mind, spirit, and body necessary for students to discern their life’s calling of leadership and service in a diverse and changing world. At Augustana, TRIO Student Support Services will serve 140 TRIO Scholars — first-generation students, students with high need, or students who have disabilities — to improve postsecondary persistence, graduation, and pursuit of post-baccalaureate education. It also will improve the upward mobility of TRIO-eligible students toward career attainment in high-demand, high-wage occupations and in the development of real-world financial literacy skills and knowledge.