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Justice and social change scholarship sessions

To qualify for the Justice and Social Change Microscholarship, you must complete this four-part series of online programs located below about movements for justice and social change, and how to lead social change in your community.

The goal of this series is to increase your understanding and awareness of the need for justice of all kinds before you even arrive on campus. By the end of this series, you should feel knowledgeable and prepared to engage in constructive dialog around justice. 

The deadline for the microscholarship is Jan. 5, 2024. All recipients will be notified no later than Jan. 20th, 2024.


For each session, students must:

  • Watch the entire session video
  • Complete the assigned reading
  • Pass the assigned quiz (All located below)

Students must complete all four sessions to qualify for the scholarship, and are expected to comply with Augustana's honor code. All segments and assignments located below must be completed by Jan. 5, 2024.

Have questions about how to qualify? Read the FAQ.

Session one 

Know justice, know peace

A look at the theory and contemporary movements for justice, led by Dr. Monica Smith. Dr. Smith was Augustana's first Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, a role she held from 2018-2023.

Session one assignments

Download and review reading

Take session one quiz.

Session two

Seeing color: how to identify bias and move forward together

Led by Dr. Smith

Session two assignments

Download and review reading.

Take session two quiz.

Session three

Deep down in my heart: answering the call for justice and change with the liberal arts

Led by Dr. Jason Mahn, Professor of Religion and Director of the Presidential Center for Faith and Leadership.

Dr. Mahn has been a professor at Augustana since 2008. He has published a number of scholarly articles about contemporary Christian theology and religious belief, suffering, vocation, secularism, and temptation and sin as well as two books: "Fortunate Fallibility: Kierkegaard and the Power of Sin" and "Becoming a Christian in Christendom: Radical Discipleship and the Way of the Cross in America's "Christian" Culture."

Session three assignments

Download and review reading.

Take session three quiz.

Session four

Do more than march: leading social change and seeking justice

This session features four alumni who are engaged in social change and seeking justice for others. The alumni participants are:

• Lydia Ruelas Durán, an educator

• Colleen Kilbride, an immigration attorney

• Dr. Jeremy Hoffman, a climate scientist

• Cameron Onumah, a rising leader at Amazon and former aide to California Senator Diane Feinstein

Session four assignments

Take session four quiz.