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Inquiry: Senior Art Exhibition 2020




Definition — A systematic investigation; examination into facts or research
Synonyms — delve, disquisition, examination, exploration, investigation, research, study

This virtual exhibition features the Senior Art Inquiry projects of graphic design, art history and studio art majors in Augustana College’s Class of 2020.

Each student’s work is accompanied by a statement sharing their perspective and intentions on the artwork. The work in this exhibition was created as a culmination of their classes and individual development as artists and graphic designers.

Special thanks go to Jennifer Saintfort, interim museum director, and the faculty members of studio art, graphic design and art history for their help in making this exhibition possible.

All images and photos of artworks courtesy of the artists.


Jassamine Burch

Jessamine Burch, an art history and graphic design major from Monroe, Wis.

"My senior inquiry demonstrates how displaying and commodifying street art must be done with extreme care and thoughtful consideration of its context."





butterfly plate

Lauren Blankenship, an art major from St. Charles, Ill.

"Pottery has always been a method of healing for me and one of the best ways to express myself."






Courtney Brewer, a graphic design major from Tuscola, Ill.

"The idea to use only women figures is that I always loved a strong female lead and wanted my characters to have that same theme."






Ted Eckhardt, a graphic design major from Arlington Heights, Ill.

"These puzzle pieces are a metaphor for life and the many ways we can fit the pieces together in our mind."





mark leach

Eden Haas, an art and art education major from Muscatine, Iowa.

"Each viewer's experience will vary depending on their impression of the work, relationship with the theme, and personal experience with the people I represent."





arabia 3

Ali Muksed, a graphic design and business administration-marketing major from Bolingbrook, Ill.

"As someone who grew up in an Arabic speaking country, I wanted to confront this issue [of underrepresentation] by contributing to the Arabic typography."





First Seal: Queen of Conquest

Ian Murrin, an art and art history major from Kalamazoo, Mich.

"Each Horseman has a king and queen to represent them, as I wanted to show that the apocalypse which our world is running towards does not discriminate who it tramples."





Seasons of the Witch

Christina Peterson, a graphic design major from Dixon, Ill.

"I was always interested in witchcraft and wicca before starting this project, but I feel as though this project gave me a much deeper appreciation for wicca."