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Health care and insurance for international students

Health care

Augustana Convenient Care is located in Baldur House just behind the Gerber Center, next to Casa Latina. While the clinic will make it easier for students to access health services on campus, it is not meant to replace the requirement for students to maintain health insurance coverage; available options follow below. 

If your student needs to see a physician on a routine basis (diabetes monitoring or allergy shots, for example), we urge you to establish a relationship with a local physician. If you need help finding a doctor to meet your student's needs, let the Office of International Student Life know and we will assist you.

Note: Students who are under age 18 when they enroll at Augustana will need a parent or guardian to fill out a medical consent form. This information is required for students under age 18 to receive medical treatment.


All Augustana students must have medical insurance. International students have three options for medical insurance:

1. Buy insurance through Augustana College.

2. Buy insurance through a preferred third-party company, or

3. Provide documentation that they are covered by their family's insurance plan.

Option 1: Augustana insurance

Augustana insurance costs $2,837 a year and is provided by Gallagher & Co. You can read about the plan details and FAQs. We highly recommend that you keep this option, as it is the most comprehensive in coverage.

All students are covered by this insurance unless they opt out by Sept. 13.

Augustana insurance is automatically added to your tuition bill and will only be removed if you have provided proof of other insurance before the Sept. 13 deadline.

For Spring Semester Incoming Students ONLY - Augustana insurance costs $1,393 for coverage from Feb. 1-July 31.

You must submit your proof of insurance to opt out of Augustana's insurance by Feb. 15, 2023, or the insurance cost will be added to your student tuition bill.

Option 2: Third-party insurance plans

There are two preferred companies that international students may use: International Student Protection (ISP) or ISO Student Health Insurance.

International Student Protection has three plans: Trail Blazer Basic, Trail Blazer Elite or Pioneer Elite (for athletes).

ISO Student Health Insurance has three plans: Silver, Compass PPO or ISO Secure.

These plans do not have the same coverage as Augustana College insurance.

Both of these companies include a pre-existing condition clause, meaning there is a six-month waiting period before they will cover any condition for which you currently are being treated. For example, if a student has diabetes, the third-party plans will not cover that student's diabetes care for the first six months of the plan.

The Augustana plan will cover you immediately. It has no pre-existing condition clause.

To purchase from International Student Protection or International Student Insurance, you will need to follow the instructions on their websites.

Once you've purchased a plan, you will receive an ID card with your insurance information. You will be able to use this information to decline Augustana’s insurance by submitting your proof of insurance.

If you choose one of these plans, we strongly encourage you to purchase the insurance for the whole year. However, if finances are an issue, we will accept proof of insurance on a term-by-term basis.

Please note that you will be responsible for submitting this information before each term begins, and that you will have a registration restriction on your account until your proof of insurance has been submitted. Please allow for 48 business hours for the restriction to be lifted once submitted.

Option 3: Home insurance

If your family has home insurance that will honor medical treatment and bills from the United States, you may use this. You must provide proof of insurance.

This must be in English and must include contact information for the company in the United States.

Minimum coverage

Any medical insurance should meet the following minimum benefits coverage (inpatient and outpatient):

• Injury or sickness benefit of $500,000

• Hospital expenses covering operating room, laboratory tests, X-ray examinations, drugs, therapeutic services and supplies, semi-private room, general nursing care

• Physician care including but not limited to: anesthetist, surgeon, physician, emergency room physician, mental health professionals

• Emergency room services

• Ambulance

• Dental treatment

• Medical evacuation

• Repatriation accidental death

Contact Cathy Atkinson for more information.