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Information for new international students

New international students at Augustana generally will follow the same steps as all other students to register for classes, obtain housing and all the other things required to begin life at the college.

You will receive information by email about your class registration, International Student Orientation and Welcome Week in the fall. 

It is important that you work on the steps in the order they are listed under each section.

Before you have your I-20

1. Tuition deposit

Pay your $350 non-refundable tuition deposit to secure your spot for this fall semester. This only needs to be paid once!

2. FA terms & conditions

Submit the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions form to secure your financial aid. 

3. Passport photo

Email International Admissions a copy of your passport photo page. 

4. Updated Certificate of Finance

Submit an updated Certificate of Finance that reflects your cost listed on your cost payment worksheet.

5. Augustana email account activation

Create your Augustana email account. It is important to note that your Augustana email address cannot be activated until at least 72 hours after you have placed your tuition deposit. 

If you are having difficulty activating your Augustana email, please first consult instructions here. If you are still having trouble, contact to connect with our Information and Technology Services office.

6. Log in to your Augustana email account

After you have activated your Augustana email, it is important that you log into your account on Google. Your email will include and your password will be your account password. 

If you are having difficulty activating your Augustana email, please first consult instructions here. If you are still having trouble, contact to connect with our Information and Technology Services office.

While you're waiting for your visa interview

7. Schedule your visa interview before August 1st, 2021

Let International Admissions know once you have secured your visa interview appointment by emailing your appointment confirmation to

8. Housing application

Submit your Augustana Housing application. It is important that you submit this application regardless if you have secured your visa. Late housing applications may result in changes to your housing placement and overall cost.

9. Augie ID card photo

Submit a passport style photo for your Augie ID Card. This step can take multiple submissions if your photo is not approved. Please watch your Augustana email for approval confirmation. 

If you are having trouble with this step, or do not know if your photo is approved, please email

10.  Emergency contacts

Let Augustana know who to contact in the cast of an emergency when you are on campus. Typically students will list their parents or guardians and any relatives in the US, if possible. 

If you are having trouble with this step, please email for assistance.

11. Accessing your bill

If you want to allow your parents or guardians to pay your bill, you must add them to your e-billing account as authorized payers. At the link below, click on your name, and then "Send a payer invitation." Here is a screenshot. 

Your parent or guardian will receive an email from the system with login information. They must confirm their login before this step is marked as completed. 

Bills for fall 2021 will be released in August 2021. Completing this step does NOT require you to pay your tuition bill.

If you have problems completing this step, please email

12. Student readiness survey

Complete the Student Readiness Survey to let your academic advisor know what classes you are prepared to take. 

If you have any questions about this form, or are having difficulty completing it, please contact

13. Second language requirement

Let Augustana know if you speak any languages other than English to fulfil our second language requirement. You must have either four years of this other language in high school or have a letter from a school official confirming your fluency in the other language.

While the majority of international students speak more than one language, Augustana needs confirmation that you speak both English and one other language to exempt you from language study. It is important to note that while English may be your second or third language, Augustana considers English your first language. Your native language would be considered your second language for language exemption purposes.

If you have any questions about this form, or are having difficulty completing it, please contact

14. Your class interests for this fall

Submit your course interests for this fall for your academic advisor. To complete this step, you will need to have the ability to look at multiple internet tabs at once to view our course options

If you have any questions about this form, or are having difficulty completing it, please contact

After your visa is approved

15. Final high school transcripts and official test scores (SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, Duolingo)

Email International Admissions a copy of your final high school transcripts and your official test scores (SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, Duolingo).

If you are unsure if you have submitted these documents, check your applicant status portal

16. Email copy of US visa

Let International Admissions know that you have secured your visa by emailing a copy of your visa to

17. Academic Advisor meeting

Once you have completed all of the steps listed above this one, you will receive an email to schedule your academic advisor meeting. Failure to complete steps above and not attending your schedule advising meeting will result in the inability to register for fall classes. 

If you are curious about what steps you are still missing, or think you should have received an email to register for an advising meeting, please email

18. Health insurance

All Augustana students are required to have health insurance on arrival to campus. International students can choose from three options to fulfil this requirement.

The Augustana College insurance plan is billed to ALL students on their initial bills. If you provide proof of purchase of another insurance plan, or plan to use your family’s insurance plan, this charge will be removed after classes begin. 

If you have questions about insurance options for international students, please email

19. Immunizations and vaccines

Complete the required immunizations and submit a copy of your immunization records prior to arrival to campus

If you are unable to get a certain immunization in your home country, please email for how to proceed with this form.

20. Traveling to the US

Let the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS) know how you plan to arrive to Augustana College. It is important that you note as many details as possible on this form so that OISSS knows exactly when and where to expect you.

Questions about this form and your travel arrangements can be sent to

21. Housing Deposit

All students are required to submit a $150 housing deposit. International students may send a money order to the Business Office with their name and contact information. They also may use a wire transfer via Flywire.

If you do not pay this prior to your arrival to campus, it will be billed on your fall bill. 

Orientation events

Passport to Success: Augie Bound Fall 2021

Join OISSS via Zoom for Passport to Success: Augie Bound. Get acquainted with the OISSS staff, student staff, GAs, and meet the incoming first-year international students. 

These virtual sessions will equip you and your parents with the information you need to be successful before arriving at Augustana. You should plan to participate in all of them. 

F-1 and J-1 student visa mock interview: How to prepare for your visa interview

The VISA Interview is an important step to obtaining a US student visa. Be prepared for your VISA Interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate and know what to expect. Join Juanita Trevino Perez, OISSS International Advisor, PDSO/RO, on preparing for your successful VISA interview. Gain insights from your GAs on how to pass your VISA Interview. Be sure to bring your questions.

Augustana Student Support Services: Your resources on campus

Equip yourself with the information needed to be prepared for the semester. Sessions will include information on: advising and class registration; academic calendar; student activities (including Welcome Week) and leadership opportunities; diversity, equity and inclusion; business office, financial aid, residential life and dining.

Tips and Tricks from Your GAs: Traveling From Your Hometown to Augie

What could possibly go RIGHT traveling from your hometown to Augie and everything in between? Avoid the complications by being ready. Join your GAs as they share Tips and Tricks that made for a smooth international travel, what was packed for Augie, and understand a few culture shocks along the way and at Augie. 

All Set for Augie: Here’s What You Need To Know

Join OISSS Staff and 1) Be in the Know of your Important Visa and Immigration documents and Location, 2) Be informed of the current International Travel Restrictions that could impact you, and 3) Learn about the new normal at Augie.

Open/last minute Q & A: Agenda Items for OISSS

Get helpful reminders on dates, arrival and check-in locations. Feel free to ask any questions or get clarity before your arrival to Augie.