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Meal plan dates for 2020-21

Fall semester 2020

Dining Services will open for dinner starting on Wednesday, Aug. 26, for new first-year and transfer students participating in Orientation. 

Other meal plans will start on Sunday, Aug. 30. Returning students who are arriving early may use Viking Bucks in the Dining Center Aug. 28-29.

For those approved through Res Life to remain on campus, meal plans end with dinner Dec. 11, 2020.

Black-out dates Nov. 26-Nov. 28, 2020

January term 2021

(Fall meal plans will continue for those enrolled in a January term (J-term) on-campus experience.)
Meal plan begins with brunch Jan. 10, 2021
Meal plan ends with dinner Feb. 2, 2021

Spring semester 2021

Meal plans begin with brunch Feb. 10, 2021
Viking bucks are issued Feb. 10, 2021
Meal plans end after brunch May 15, 2021
Black-out dates: April 2-4, 2021