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Residential Handbook: Inside Our Halls and Houses


Living in campus housing can be one of the most memorable times of your life. You will meet all kinds of people, experience a variety of opportunities and make many personal discoveries. This is the place where by trial and error and challenge and support, you will learn the ropes of adulthood along with hundreds of other students.

You are now a member of a dynamic and unique community defined not only by living proximity, but also by many of the goals, needs and values you share. To enhance this rare opportunity, our staff will schedule regular community meetings where you can discuss common issues and standards like noise levels and visitors, coordinate all sorts of social activities and educational programs, and serve as mentors when you need advice or support.

With this handbook as your guide, you will successfully navigate this new environment. Our staff is here to help. 

Code of conduct

Discipline and sanctions

Housing assignment

Facilities damage

Policies and procedures

Safety and security

Staff and services

Transitional Living Area Code of Conduct



Residential Life

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