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Using laundry services

Augustana uses a card-based system for laundry machines in the residence halls. The Transitional Living Areas use a coin-operated laundry.

To buy a laundry card, go to the Office of Residential Life in Andreen Hall, or use one of the three Value Adder Plus Terminal machines in the Westerlin Residence Center, Swanson Commons, or the Gerber Center.

To replace a damaged card, request a refund, or report damaged clothing, go to the Office of Residential Life. No refunds will be given for lost cards.

How to purchase a card

  1. Press the green button
  2. Insert a $5 bill
  3. Remove card from dispenser

You may only use a $5 bill to purchase a card. The cost of the card is $3. The card will have a value of $2.

(The Office of Residential Life also sells cards for $8 that carry a value of $5.)

To add value to your card, you may either use cash or go online and pay for a code to use.

To add value with cash:

  1. Insert the card with the chip facing up.
  2. Insert bills: $5, $10, & $20 ONLY.
  3. The display will show the new card value as bills are accepted.
  4. Remove the card when desired balance is shown

You may add up to $50 to your card. The card will not register amounts greater than $50.

To add value online:

Go to and register as a new customer.

Select a location and enter the required information

Machine ID #96 – Swanson Hall
Machine ID #97 – Gerber Center
Machine ID #98 – Westerlin Hall

Enter the card serial number to purchase a code. The serial number is on the back of the card. You will receive an online code. It should be a 10-digit number.

(Print out the code, write it down or email it.)

Insert your laundry card into the Coded Value Adder Terminal. Enter the10-digit code number and the value will be added to your laundry card.

For more information, contact Family Pride, 630-620-4700.