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ArchivesThe Swenson Center's archival collections contain unpublished primary source material including manuscripts, records, photographs, and more, measuring approximately 800 linear feet.  

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Finding Aids

Finding aids are indexes to collections and contain a basic or detailed inventory. "PastPerfect" links to photographs or additional information.

The archives are divided into three sections:

  • MSS P = personal papers/manuscripts
  • SAC = small archival collections (usually only 1 folder in size)
  • I/O = institutional/organizational records 

Personal Papers

Not all numbers are used.

MSS P:1    Erik Norelius papers, 1851-1916   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:2    Erland Carlsson papers, 1843-1893   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:3    Samuel Magnus Hill papers, 1870-1920   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:4    John Olof Viking papers, 1892-1955   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:5    Arthur Helge Swan papers, 1891-1916   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:6    G. N. Swan papers,   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:7    O. A. Linder clipping collection, 1880-1930   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:8    Philip Stoneberg papers, 1843-1916   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:9    Sven August Johnson papers, 1831-1921   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:10    Birger Swenson collection, 1928-1992   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:11    Peter Anderson Cederstam papers, 1855-1902   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:12    Ernest Wilhelm Olson papers, 1870-1958   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:13    Johan Peter Lindstrom family papers/Anders Peter Lindstrom papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:14    Peter A. Waller family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:15    Sigurd L. Anderson papers, 1947-1950   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:16    Anders Jonasson Lindstrom papers, 1860-1870   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:17    Johan Edvard Liljeholm papers   [PastPerfect]  

MSS P:18    Lilly Setterdahl papers, 1971-1984   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:19    Bodelson family papers, 1860-1944   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:22    Gustav Lawrence Bongfelt papers, 1936-1949; 1981   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:24    C. A. Larson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:25    Magdalena Persson Mårtensson letters, 1883-1951   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:26    Ernest M. Espelie papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:27    Sven Malte Swanson papers, 1925-1982   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:28    Axel Erickson papers, 1962-1981   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:31    Richard C. Holtman papers, 1898-2018   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:32    Carl Z. Nelson family papers, 1935-1981   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:33    Sven Peter August Lindahl papers, 1872-1934   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:34    Fredrik Nibelius papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:35    Rev. C.A. Larson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:36    Kristina W. Bergren Skeppstedt papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:38    Per Idof and Gurli A. M. Anderson papers, 1903-1979   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:39    Rev. Anders John Andersson   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:40    Roy A. Johnson family papers and photographs   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:41    Ardith Melloh papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:42    Arthur Wilhelm Knock papers, 1938-1954   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:45    George Malcolm Stephenson newspaper clipping collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:47    Carl Gustaf Carlfeldt papers, 1917-1950   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:48    Esther Vikberg Kron papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:50    Charles Kempe papers   [PastPerfect]      

MSS P:54    Ernest Edwin Ryden papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:55    Mathilda Cassel Danielsson Peterson papers, 1861-1866   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:56    Oscar W. Anderson papers, 1893-1900   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:62    Lars Peter Beckman papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:63    Wilhelm Berger papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:64    Peter Wieslegren papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:65    Oscar Vitalis Anderson papers, 1939-1946   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:66    Fredrick Johan Cederschiöld papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:68    O. Frithiof Ander collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:69    Johannes and Mary Telleen collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:70    Andrew G. Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]    

MSS P:73    Oliver Olson papers (Rock Island Literary Club), 1890   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:74    Carl Johan Isakson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:75    Sven T. Olson family papers, 1869-1908   [PastPerfect]   

MSS P:77    Olof Z. Cervin papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:79    Charles Eric Lofgren photograph   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:86    Marie Johnson Munson letters and scrapbook, 1914   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:87    Wilhelmina F. Strand Olson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:88    Olof L. Peterson family papers and photographs  [PastPerfect]

MSS P:90    Gustaf Nathaniel Malm papers   [PastPerfect]          

MSS P:92    Daniel Nystrom papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:97    Theodor G. Mattson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:98    Joseph Peterson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:99    Herman Nelson papers   [PastPerfect]          

MSS P:106    Olof Grafström papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:107    Alfred Bergin letter collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:109    Warner family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:128    Callerstrom family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:129    Mercy Brittain papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:130    C. J. Larson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:132    John P. Andersson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:140    Carl F. Nimrod papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:146    Oscar von Malmborg papers, 1854-1861, 1927   [PastPerfect]  

MSS P:149    Ernst Teofil Skarstedt collection, 1857-1929   [PastPerfect]   

MSS P:155    A. Munson papers   [PastPerfect]       

MSS P:157    Johan Alfred Johansson Godehn family papers   [PastPerfect]  

MSS P:159    Nels Magnus Hokanson papers   [PastPerfect]   

MSS P:161    Aledo, Illinois. Photograph collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:162    Madrid (Swede Point), Iowa. Photograph collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:163    Anders Gustaf Olson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:164    Erik Lawson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:165    Fritz Herbert Larson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:166    Bengtson and Bohman family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:175    Charles and Sofia Haag artists’ papers, 1902-1983   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:177    John Peter and Anna (Carlson) Leaf family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:184    Hulda Swenson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:193    Carl Alfred Benson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:207    David W. McCormick papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:209    John and Anna Lindholm family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:210    Axel Lundeberg papers, 1810-1970   [PastPerfect]    

MSS P:215    Gustaf Adolf Olsson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:218    Wislander family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:222    Charles Lindman papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:223    Victor Beck papers, 1910-1960   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:224    New Sweden Tercentary Celebration clipping collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:225    Johannes Svensson Brodeen papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:227    Peter S. Nelson diaries, 1860-1916   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:228    August Peterson Säter papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:229    Anders Johan Sjögren papers   [PastPerfect]       

MSS P:231    Viktor Peterson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:233    Magnus Bernhard Nelson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:234    Olga W. M. Wold papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:235    Alvar Sommestad papers   [PastPerfect]    

MSS P:245    John and Augusta Carlson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:246    Nels Ryden papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:247    Carl Alfred Olson diaries, 1876-1927, 1978   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:249    Oscar George Ericson papers   [PastPerfect]     

MSS P:251    Charlotte Odman postcard collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:253    Olof Nilsson family papers   [PastPerfect]   

MSS P:258    Mabel Anderson and Carl Lorimer correspondence, 1907-1992   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:260    Alphonse Hvalgren and Hulda Gustafson papers, 1879-2012   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:262    Peter Martinson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:263    Wistrand family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:264    Peter Broberg family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:265    Martin Lövgren papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:266    Bowman family photographs   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:268    Paulson family photographs   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:269    Lindholm family papers   [PastPerfect]  

MSS P:276    Nordquist family letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:283    Gustaf Adolph Magnusson photograph collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:287    Earl R. and Janice B. Swanson family papers, 1808-1997   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:289    Col. Ernest R. Swanson papers, 1885-1985   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:290    Sven Petrus Holmberg papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:292    A. G. Youngquist family letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:293    John Norton papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:294    Friman family correspondence   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:299    Roos family   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:300    Milton T. Anderson family letters, 1875-1926   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:301    Amanda Ehn Johnson letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:302    Emmy Evald-Carlsson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:303    Johannes Telleen letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:304    Victor Witting papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:305    Westerlund family reunions, 1905-1998   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:306    Lars Herman Beck papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:307    Bruce W. Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:308    Allan Kastrup collection (American Swedish News Exchange, New York, N.Y), 1920s-1990   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:309    Sune Lundberg papers, 1944-1990   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:310    Glen E. Brolander papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:311    Aronson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:312    Olsson family letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:313    Nils Graf letters, 1855-1963   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:314    Augusta Johnson papers, 1887-1983   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:315    Jan Eric Johansson scrapbook   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:316    Gustav Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:317    Upsala College Professor David F. Barry papers, 1963-2008   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:318    Zaida Munson letter collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:319    Mary T. Swanson papers, 1970-2000   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:320    Bengt and Sissa Olson family photographs   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:321    Swan Johnson & Josephine Peterson correspondence   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:322    Kvällsstunden clippings   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:323    August Theodore Fant papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:324    Carl Erik Holmer papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:326    Emmanuel Collin letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:327    Axel Ferdinand Almer papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:328    David Johansson letters   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:329    Anna Persson Cave family papers, 1897-2006   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:330    Niel M. Johnson family papers   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:331    Martha Christensson school papers, 1923   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:332    Selma Olivia Moberg missionary to China collection, 1905-1926   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:333    Arvid Augustsson & Elin Andersson immigration papers collection, 1900-1911   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:334    A.H. Bergman and Gustaf and Sophie Sjoquist letter collections, 1870-1888   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:335    Justina Lofgren family papers and travel writing   [PastPerfect]  

MSS P:336    Selma Moberg photograph collection   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:337    Harriet E. Carlson papers, 1921-2002   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:338    John and Lilly Werner papers, 1906-1995   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:339    Scandinavian American Portrait collection, 1871-1983   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:340    Gustaf A. Johnson carpentry records, 1905-1947   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:341    D. Verner Swanson sermons and other materials, 1905-1981   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:342    Collection of Augustana Synod letters, 1853-1927   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:344    Euphemia Peterson nursing papers, 1910-1948   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:346    Peter Froeberg family letters, autobiography, and other materials, 1894-1954   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:347    Elsie Ahlwén Sundeen evangelist music and other materials, 1916-1986   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:348    Larry Scott papers, 1952-2010   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:349    Bernard Bishop collection on Sveas Söner Singing Society (Rockford, Illinois), 1922-1974   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:350    Emil Anderson papers, 1895-1949   [PastPerfect]

MSS P:351    Richard Holtman collection of newspaper articles, 1833-1994   [PastPerfect]


Small Archival Collections

Not all numbers are used.

SAC P:1      Swedona Lutheran Church (Swedona, Ill.) communion records, 1859-1861   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:20    Teodor Olsson’s H.S. Hermod School (Malmö, Sweden) papers, 1900-1906   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:21    “The Farm Life of a Swedish Immigrant in Illinois, circa 1900-1925,” 1984   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:29    Hortense Lindorff collection inventories, 1981   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:37    Oscar Rolander travel diary, 1911   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:43    American Emigrant Company agreements and receipt, 1878-1882   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:51    Esther Andreen Albrecht manuscripts, 1982   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:52    John E. Nelson poetry, 1952   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:53    Erik W. Welander funeral program and publication, 1948 & 1962   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:57    Petersson-Ewalt family letter copies, 1889-1925   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:59    Augustana College and Theological Seminary school song, undated   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:60    Skandia newspaper (Moline, Ill.) contracts, 1877   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:71    "The Lutheran Church in Illinois" Francis Springer manuscript, undated   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:72    Håkan Håkansson papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:76    A.J.C. Anderson letter copies, 1870-1871   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:78    Gustaf Unonius letter copies, 1849-1964   [PastPerfect

SAC P:80    Alex Erickson interview, 1983   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:81    Erik Jönsson letter copies, 1863   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:82    Carl Allvar Kullgren inventory and article copies, 1983   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:83    Marie Westerberg Vader papers, 1982-1983   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:84    Clara Youngberg music, undated   [PastPerfect]                      

SAC P:85    C.A. Johnson songbook, 1876   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:89    Erik A. Fogelstrom papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:91    Esther Palm Gayman papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:93    Matt Lagerberg papers   [PastPerfect]           

SAC P:94    Andrew Nordeen Svansson papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:95    Johannes Pettersson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:96    S.O. Levahn family papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:101    Ingeborg Hultkrantz papers   [PastPerfect]        

SAC P:102    Anders Odel papers   [PastPerfect]           

SAC P:103    Frank Lindstrom papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:104    Mrs. Elmer Gustafson postcard   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:105    Eleanor Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:110    Stolt family papers   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:111    Chas. Elstrom papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:112    Malcolm Alexander papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:113    Otto E. Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:114    John Peter Olson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:115    Nils Sylvan papers   [PastPerfect]        

SAC P:116    Mons Anderson papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:117    Carl Newberg family papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:118    Hannah Sellberg papers   [PastPerfect]        

SAC P:119    Kristina Malmberg Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:120    Carl Fredrik Larsson   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:121    Jonas G. Lagerström papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:122    Gunnarson family letters   [PastPerfect

SAC P:123    Selma Anderson Hemdahl papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:124    Hilda Louisa Peterson papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:125    George Skogberg papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:126    Emma Johnson papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:127    Carl August Hemborg papers   [PastPerfect]     

SAC P:131    Fred and Betty Turner papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:133    Emil F. Bergren papers   [PastPerfect]     

SAC P:134    John Albin Sandell papers   [PastPerfect]        

SAC P:135    John and Augusta Olson family papers   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:136    Swedish-Americans in American Public Schools collection   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:137    Hannah Falk Shallberg papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:138    Henry Oliver Lindeblad papers   [PastPerfect]     

SAC P:139    Christian Oberg papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:141    Richard Nelson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:142    Charles T. Algren papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:143    Rolf Johnson diary clippings, 1876-1879, 1939-1941 and undated   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:144    Peter Westerlund biographies, 1908   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:145    David W. Swanson manuscript, 1953   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:147    Leland Horberg manuscript, circa 1932   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:148    Karl Gösta Gilstring clippings, 1971 and undated   [PastPerfect

SAC P:150    Charles August Johnson biographical notes, undated   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:151    Eugene Theodore Lindeen autobiography, 1948   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:154    Maria Ramstädt Olson family papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:156    Gideon Carlstrom   [PastPerfect

SAC P:158    Lars Ahnder papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:160    Mathilda Erickson papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:168    Hildur Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]            

SAC P:170    Albert Emanuel Larson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:171    Anders Revel Oberg   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:172    Johan August Landin Samuelson papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:173    Charles Hallberg papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:176    Johan P. Lager family papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:178    Harald L. Lindquist papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:180    James Oliver paper   [PastPerfect

SAC P:181    Gustaf Elof Peterson   [PastPerfect

SAC P:183    Axel Soderwall papers   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:185    Jonas Svensson papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:186    Mary Weidlich papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:187    Benedict Karl Zobrist papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:188    Lars Petter Amundsson papers   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:189    Lawrence Emanuel Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:190    Anonymous poem, no date   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:191    Carl Oscar Bengtson papers   [PastPerfect]     

SAC P:192    Hilda Benson papers, 1920   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:194    Marian Bingea papers, 1981   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:195    Dag Blanck papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:197    J. D. Cederburg papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:198    John Edlig papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:199    Carl Gustaf Eldberg papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:200    Anna Monson Engquist papers   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:201    Christina Eriksson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:202    Jos. Fogerstrom postcard   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:203    Dag Hermfelt paper   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:204    John  F. Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:205    Olof Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:211    Jöns Magnus Persenius papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:213    Judy Paskvan papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:217    Peter H. Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:230    Johan Fredrik Seedoff papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:232    Carl Hellgren papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:236    Ingemar Taegstroem papers   [PastPerfect]     

SAC P:237    Hilma J. Linder papers   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:238    Charles J. Hoflund papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:239    Erick G. Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:240    Arvid Oscar Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]         

SAC P:241    Carl Göran Jacobson papers   [PastPerfect]       

SAC P:242    Eric Johannesson papers   [PastPerfect]         

SAC P:243    Joseph and Esther Elizabeth Sahlmark family papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:244    Stephanie Lawrence papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:249    Frederick Wretman papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:254    Charles Thulin family papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:255    A . E. Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]      

SAC P:256    Claus Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:257    John Hilding Persson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:261    Hilda Carlson papers   [PastPerfect

SAC P:274    J. B. Lundgren papers   [PastPerfect]  

SAC P:275    A.F. Cassel papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:278    Larry Emil Scott papers   [PastPerfect]    

SAC P:281     Brunell family papers   [PastPerfect]   

SAC P:282    Ellen Natalie Oberg papers, 1897-1988   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:291    Ellis Olsson interview, 1959   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:292    Nels Peter Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:293    Hans Lagerloef biography, 1948-1952   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:294    Nils Lofberg papers, 1911   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:295    Signe Liedberg Ankarfelt papers, 1920   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:296    Olga Sjöquist papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:297    Emigrant contracts, 1882-1908   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:298    Emigrant Ships, Cards   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:299    Menus from the S.S. Frederik VIII, 1914   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:300    Postcards from Oceanliners   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:302    Frans Johan Anderson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:303    Marquis Childs papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:304    Sven Peter Morgan (Swedesburg, IA) papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:305    Mizpah Swedish Mission Church papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:306    August Karlsson (1862-1944) papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:307    Christer Winberg papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:308    Gustav A.E. Lund papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:309    Lincke Family papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:310    Peter Starenko papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:311    Frank Oakberg papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:312    August Lindstedt (1870-1893) papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:313    Christina Elisabeth Erickson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:314    Tax Statement, 1583   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:315    Nels Knutson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:316    Treaty of Amity and commerce commemorative stamp   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:317    Göran Palm papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:318    Swedish Tercentenary Art Exhibit, 1937-1938   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:319    Carol Eberly papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:320    A Baseball story   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:321    Theater: Swedish-America   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:322    Swedish Lady Quartette Tour 1876   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:323    Bethesda Lutheran Church papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:324    Nittiotalets Fyra Stora Skalder   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:325    Swedish Lutheran Publication Society   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:326    Emelie Gardell papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:327    Olga S. Borg papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:328    Gustaf Nystrom papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:329    Samuel Ingemarson & Anna Stura Magnusdotter family   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:330    Charlotte Odman papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:331    John Abraham and Wendla Sophia Johnson papers   [PastPerfect]

SAC P:332    Swanson Family Postcard Collection   [PastPerfect]


Institutional/Organizational Records

Not all numbers are used.

I/O:1   Jenny Lind Chapel (Andover, Ill.) records, 1850-1943   [PastPerfect]

I/O:2   Nytta och Nöje club (Rock Island, Ill.) records, 1900-1984   [PastPerfect]

I/O:3   Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center archives, 1980-   [PastPerfect]

I/O:4   Scandinavian Temperance Union (Moline, Ill.) records, 1914-1922   [PastPerfect]

I/O:5   Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod anniversary congratulatory letters and other materials, 1910-1948   [PastPerfect]

I/O:6   Hillsboro College (Hillsboro, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:7   Astrid Lodge No. 9 (Omaha, Neb.) records, 1939-1953   [PastPerfect]

I/O:8   Jenny Lind Chapel Committee (Andover. Ill.) records, 1855-1992   [PastPerfect]

I/O:9   Gösta Nyblom Publishing House (Rock Island, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:10   Oscar Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church (Oscar Lake, Minn.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:11   St. Ansgar's Academy (Carver, Minn.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:12   American-Scandinavian Foundation (Midwest Office) records, 1965-1988   [PastPerfect]

I/O:13   Svenska Litteratursällskapet (Swedish Literary Society) (Moline, Ill.) minutes and letters   [PastPerfect]

I/O:14   Swedish Colonization Company (Davenport, Iowa) records, 1884-1913   [PastPerfect]

I/O:15   Lake View Lutheran Church (Chicago, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:16   American Bicentennial Swedish Group (Moline, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:17   First Lutheran Church (Sherrard, Ill.) records, 1909-1980   [PastPerfect]

I/O:18   Adelphia College (Seattle, Wash.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:19   Lutheran Hospital (Moline, Ill.) records, 1915-1979   [PastPerfect]

I/O:20   Luther Junior College and Academy (Wahoo, Neb.) records, 1903-1961   [PastPerfect]

I/O:21   John Ericsson Republican League of Illinois records, 1934-1962   [PastPerfect]

I/O:22   409 Social Club (Washington, D.C.) records, 1940-1981   [PastPerfect]

I/O:23   Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.) photographs   [PastPerfect]

I/O:24   Collection on Bishop Hill Colony (Bishop Hill, Ill.), 1856-1917   [PastPerfect]

I/O:26   First Lutheran Church (Rock Island, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:28   St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Davenport, Iowa) constitution, 1889   [PastPerfect]

I/O:29   Trinity Lutheran Church (Tipton, Iowa) history, 1940   [PastPerfect]

I/O:30   Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church (Nevada, Iowa) constitution   [PastPerfect]

I/O:31   Fish Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church (Harris, Minn.) history, 1962   [PastPerfect]

I/O:32   100th Anniversary Address of Chisago Lake Evangelical Lutheran Church (Center City, Minn.), 1983   [PastPerfect]

I/O:33   Collection of Swedish American Athletic Club (Moline, Ill.) articles, 1929-1941   [PastPerfect]

I/O:34   Salem Lutheran Church (St. Edward, Neb.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:35   Swedish American Old Settlers’ Association of Knox County (Ill.) records, 1894-1943   [PastPerfect]

I/O:36   Hope Academy (Moorhead, Minn.) photographs, undated   [PastPerfect]

I/O:37   Tabor Lutheran Church (McKeesport, Pa.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:38   Ansgar College (Knoxville, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:40   "Ryssby: The Country Church" (Ryssby, Colo.), 1976   [PastPerfect]

I/O:42   "A Guide to the Archives of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and its Predecessor Bodies," 1982   [PastPerfect]

I/O:43   First Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Church (Chicago, Ill.) deed, 1871   [PastPerfect]

I/O:44   Scandinavian American Fraternity, Union Lodge No. 82 (St. Paul, Minn.) records, 1901-1958   [PastPerfect]

I/O:45   Svea Mutual Insurance Company (Orion, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:46   SWEA International records, 1979-2004   [PastPerfect]

I/O:47   First Evangelical Free Church (Rockford, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:48   Augustana Home for the Aged (Brooklyn, N.Y.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:49   Ölandsklubben (Rockford, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:50   Luther Academy (Wahoo, Neb.) records, 1883-1950   [PastPerfect]

I/O:51   Swedish Olive Lodge #583 (Moline, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:52   Silvis IOOF Lodge #18 (Silvis, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:53   Rebekah Lodge #73 (Moline, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:54   Rebekah Lodge #734 (Reynolds, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:55   Manufacturer’s Lodge #485 (Moline, Coal Valley, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:56   Automobile Lodge #493 (Coal Valley, Ill.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:57   IOOF Matherville #997, Sherrard #637, Sherrard #532 and Swedona #637 records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:58   Upsala College (East Orange, N.J.) records, 1893-1995   [PastPerfect]

I/O:59   Svenska Kulturförbundet/Swedish Cultural Society of America (Minneapolis, Minn.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:59a   Kulturarvet (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1985-1988   [PastPerfect]

I/O:60   Augustana Lutheran Women’s Home (Omaha, Neb.) records   [PastPerfect]

I/O:61   American Union of Swedish Singers records, 1892--   [PastPerfect]

I/O:62   Augustana Book Concern publications   [PastPerfect]

I/O:63   Immigrant Home (New York, N.Y.) register, 1916-1920   [PastPerfect]

I/O:64   Augustana Evang. Lutheran Church of Elkhart, Indiana building collection   [PastPerfect]

I/O:65   Henry Granat (President, American Union of Swedish Singers) records, 1907–2002   [PastPerfect]

I/O:66   SWEA Los Angeles records, 1979-2014   [PastPerfect]

I/O:67   Svithiod Singing Club (Chicago, Ill.) minutes and correspondence   [PastPerfect]

I/O:68   Collection on Andover Children’s Home (Andover, Ill.) 1942-2005    [PastPerfect]

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