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Alumni find joy in building school in Tanzania

Don '50 and Joann Swanson '52 Tolmie funded the building of the residential school Tanzania. Faraja Primary School offers not only academic instruction but also vocational and physical therapy to children with physical challenges.

original design for old main

The Old Main story: designs, domes and dolomite

Old Main, the best-beloved and most well-known building on the Augustana College campus, and a cultural monument to the achievements of 19th-century Swedish immigrants, did not have any easy journey to its present form.

seminar on space exploration

A passion for the stars, a mission for Augustana

In 1969, a Saturn V rocket thrust Apollo 11 towards the moon. That same year, Augustana College threw open the doors to its new John Deere Planetarium and Carl Gamble Observatory. Both successfully completed the mission.

Evald Hall: new name, stunning transformation

Eighty years after it was named for someone else -- and looking brand-new -- Carlsson Hall will be dedicated to the woman who envisioned it in the first place: Emmy Carlsson Evald.

Bully Pulpit Series

Students and faculty at Augustana College will join their peers from the College of Charleston in considering the style, substance and importance of communication by United States' presidents.

Career outcomes

double majors

Class of 2022 outcomes, of those who responded to the survey. Source: Institutional Research at Augustana; CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration) at Augustana

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