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Cooperating teacher resources

Welcome cooperating teachers!

Using the button below, you can access documents, handbooks, evaluations and other forms you might need during the semester.

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If you cannot find the information you need, please contact:

Katie Hanson
Julie J. Oliger


Michael Scarlett

Golden Apple Scholars shine at Augustana

To prepare future teachers, the Golden Apple Foundation provides training and teaching experience during summer institutes; mentoring; academic and social support; and job placement assistance. Augustana is one of the program’s 50+ Illinois college and university partners.

Brandon Wilkerson

To find your best career field, choose Augustana

How students go from "undecided" on a major to accomplishing more than they imagined.

Teacher's workshop video

Augustana's education grads are in demand

School administrators across the country consistently inquire about Augustana education grads.