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Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

For more than a decade, data from the pre-SAT, a test taken by high school sophomores and juniors, has shown an increased interest in the study of engineering. And at the same time, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting 140,000 new engineering jobs will be created by 2026.

In June 2021, Augustana announced that the college is developing an innovative engineering program with focuses in mechanical, civil, and environmental and sustainability, at a liberal arts institution.

Augustana students are natural problem-solvers. They exhibit strong interpersonal skills and show a deep understanding of the world around them. They are hard-working and dedicated, and allow their creativity to flourish. These are the qualities that engineers need. The world needs Augustana graduates and more engineers.

The college years develop the foundations of curiosity, analysis and communication which allow learning to take place. Augustana builds on this fundamental education by offering coursework in a variety of disciplines and encouraging thought­ful synthesis of information and new perspectives through careful study in these disciplines.

Graduation requirements for the bachelor of science in engineering reflect the desire that Augustana grad­uates have both range and focus in their studies, as well as freedom to make academic choices according to their interests. The degree prepares students for a wide variety of graduate, business and professional opportunities. The bachelor of science degree is designed so students can complete a single major in four years or the equivalent of eight semesters.

The program aims to educate engineers that will be able to design solutions to problems of the future. This program is multidisciplinary so students will be exposed to physics, mathematics and engineering, while incorporating ethics, humanities and social sciences. Students will gain an understanding of engineering that recognizes the importance of human-centered design in all aspects of engineering solutions.

General education and degree requirements

All of the same college-wide requirements are in place for the Bachelor of Science program that are in place for the Bachelor of Arts.

The engineering major

I. Credits: 124 credits to graduate with this degree

II. Grade-point average: 2.00 is the minimum, final grade-point average

III. Program: 82 credits is the major program requirement in the courses and programs of study section of this catalog and will be tracked in the student's individual degree audit under the program evaluation in arches once a student has declared a major.