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Four years at Augustana begins with First-Year Inquiry (FYI), ends with Senior Inquiry, and in between you’ll learn so much more than you’ve imagined. 

How will you learn all this in four years? In classrooms, but also field trips and tours. Internships. Research. Performances. Conferences. Entrepreneurship. Creative projects. Shenanigans. Study abroad. Visitors. Community projects. CollaborationLate nights. Your favorite student group. And, of course, so much more. 

To begin, what is FYI? It’s not just a required set of courses you’ll take before you move on to “real” classes. FYI is a sequence of courses that will open the door to your Augustana liberal arts education. FYI helps students to:

  • Think about the world and its challenges from many perspectives
  • Appreciate how views differ and how these differences make life complex and interesting
  • Communicate ideas clearly in speaking and writing

Through Senior Inquiry, you’ll make connections to what you’ve learned throughout your education to inform the topic you choose for your Senior Inquiry—an extended creative or research-based project you’ll complete in your major field, working with a favorite mentor. Senior Inquiry will deepen your knowledge in your major, connect to areas across the liberal arts, and will show how you can use and apply what you’ve learned. It’ll also be really good for your résumé.

By the time you graduate, about a third of your classes will be from the FYI sequence; a third will be part of a major; and the rest will be electives or will belong to another major or minor area of study. And when you graduate, you will have the depth, versatility and critical thinking (a.k.a. problem-solving) skills of a well-educated citizen, no matter what field(s) you choose. 


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