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Adam poses near the Mississippi River in downtown Rock Island

A day in the life of a Community Advisor

Hi! I'm Adam. I'm a junior majoring in biology and spanish with an environmental studies minor. I run track and cross country and last year I was a Community Advisor (CA) in Erickson Hall. Here's what a regular day looks like for me... 


Four reasons to apply this summer

Applying to college when you have time in the summer is better than waiting for deadlines.

Students exploring the Quad Cities

What to do with a day in the Quad Cities

How to spend a day exploring the Quad Cities

Student life

What to expect your first year at Augustana

No matter how big or small you think your school is, you’re going to get lost at some point. It’ll probably happen right when you move in and are still learning the campus, but it could also be during your junior year looking for a classroom you’ve never been to. Don’t panic if this happens!

students sit together in classroom

Common myths about the college admission process

A lot of misinformation can swirl around and rumors die hard. How important are extracurriculars, really? And how important are my test scores if I have above a 3.5 GPA? As someone who’s been through the same process you’re getting ready to start, I’ve compiled a list of myths about college applications.

A professor and student working in one of many lab spaces on campus.

A smart path for future nurses

Through a unique partnership with the Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Augustana students with the passion of becoming a nurse receive phenomenal, efficient preparation in just six years. 

study spots

Best study spots on campus

Here are some of the best places to study on Augustana’s campus. 

business team

Want to be a business major? Here are some tips

Business majors will always be in demand because there are so many career opportunities. Learn about all that Augustana offers students interested in business and related fields.

Students on quad

5 easily avoidable mistakes to think about when looking at colleges

Here is a list of five of the most common mistakes that I have seen when my high school friends and I applied to colleges.

CORE commons

The best ways to get a job on campus

Your guide to finding campus employment and going from broke college student to... less broke. 

Environmental studies internship

What is environmental studies, and why should you major in it?

An environmental studies major will give you the knowledge, skills and analytical tools needed to tackle environmental challenges on a local, regional and international level. You’ll be creating a more sustainable, healthier environment for generations to come.

students in psychology class

Consider this before declaring a neuroscience major

If you’re wondering what a neuroscience major is, where it can take you after college and what you should consider before declaring, here are some tips.

Krishna Marme poses for a photo during a public health internship

Want to be a public health major? Here are some tips.

Because students of public health need a broad background of knowledge and experiences, a liberal arts college can be perfect fit.