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Transitional Living Area (TLA) Information

Transitional Living Areas (TLAs) are campus apartments and houses located on the campus perimeter that combine many of the advantages of residential living with those of the off-campus experience. Residency in TLA housing does not require off-campus release.

Augustana developed the TLA program to meet the maturing needs of college juniors. TLA life provides less structured, yet fully supportive housing while still fulfilling the college's three-year live-on requirement. This experience is designed to serve as a transition period, preparing students for off-campus living.

TLA eligibility

  • TLA beds initially will be reserved for the third-year students only. If there are still options available after the signup is completed, openings will be offered to interested fourth-year students.
  • Eligible student must complete the housing contract on
  • Students cannot request a TLA room or suite without the appropriate number of roommate(s).

TLA benefits

  • Assurance of safe, well-maintained living units.
  • TLA houses and apartments are open during college breaks.
  • Student rooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and desk chair. Kitchens are furnished with standard appliances.
  • Washers/dryers or acces to are provided to each traditional TLA resident.
  • A community advisor (CA) is available to provide key service, share resources and upcoming events, provide general support and assistance, and mediate any conflicts that may develop.
  • A board plan (food service) is not required, but customized options are available.
  • A variety of programs and activities, designed specifically for the mature student's needs, are offered on a regular basis.
  • Cable and internet service is included.
  • 24-hour visitation is available.
  • Residents who are of legal age (21 or older) may responsibly consume alcoholic beverages. More information about the TLA alcohol policies can be found in the residential living handbook, Inside Our Halls and Houses.