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President’s Advisory Council

The goal of the President's Advisory Council is to provide the president of the college with thoughts and advice from alumni in leadership positions on topics such as  engagement of  stakeholders, planning for the future of the college, and ensuring  Augustana sustainability while effectively fulfilling the college’s mission .

The President's  Advisory Council works in concert with other volunteer organizations, including the board of trustees and the alumni board to advance the strategic goals of the college, which include engagement, education, and fundraising, and are guided by the college’s strategic plan, Augustana 2020. 

Members of the Augustana College President’s Advisory Council include:

Greg Bednar '82
Andrew Boettcher '03
Michal Brunell ‘65
Charles Drost '01
Mark Harrington '64 
Da De Hong ‘86
Mohammed Hussain ‘87 
Rick John '79
Steve Johns ‘85
Mark Johnson ‘91
Jason Ketchum '05 
Valerie Kroll ‘07
Allyson Martinez '13
Matt McSparin ‘84 
Bill Mele '08
Eliot Mosby ’03 
Vivian Stoeger Myers '07
Shelby Olson '79
Dale Owen '99
Brigit Ray '07
Keith Toms '02
Jordan Voigt ‘09
Tavares Williams ‘07