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Minutes from the President's Cabinet

Minutes from the meetings of the President's Cabinet at Augustana College are posted weekly. This group of senior officers meets regularly with the president throughout the academic year.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to use the President’s Suggestion Box to suggest an update or a new idea, or contact Kai Swanson, 309-794-7419.

May 1, 2024

Annotated agenda

Policies on protests and demonstrations 

General Counsel Sheri Curran led a review of Augustana’s policies relative to protests and demonstrations. The review had actually been scheduled earlier in the year, but recent demonstrations at campuses across the country offer the opportunity to consider more – and less – effective responses elsewhere.

While some minor changes may be considered, the Cabinet affirmed language from the Student Handbook, which includes, among other passages: “It is normal that the ideas of different members of the College community will sometimes conflict and we do not attempt to shield people from ideas that they may find disagreeable or even offensive. However, protests and demonstrations must be conducted so that they do not interfere with the rights of others to speak, study, teach and learn.”

"Augustana A" photo

The Augustana Class of 2024, or at least the vast majority thereof, never had a traditional high school graduation thanks to COVID. Among other things, this also meant that they never got their "A" picture, where the incoming class is led away from their parents and brought to Ericson Field, where they’re formed into the Augustana A for a class photo. Thanks to the efforts of several campus offices, members of the class will in coming days have the chance to take part in a make-good. 

April 24, 2024

Annotated agenda

Strategic "stops"

The Cabinet continued its conversation around ceasing or reconceiving activities current activities where doing so might create additional capacity for initiatives with greater strategic importance. Cabinet members will be seeking more input on ways to improve both Celebration of Learning and J-term, in order to more closely align them with the priorities of Augustana Bold & Boundless.

Artificial Intelligence 

President Andrea Talentino asked Cabinet to consider potential members for a task force that would look at opportunities and challenges the College may face regarding Artificial Intelligence.

Board meeting prep 

General Counsel Sheri Curran previewed the schedule for the Spring Board Meeting. The May meeting will be on campus and will include a new feature. "Innovation in Fifteen," during which trustees will hear about recent initiatives to improve Augustana’s competitive positioning. The inaugural installment will be presented by Dr. Nathan Frank, who will provide trustees with an update on engineering.  

April 17, 2024

Annotated agenda


Provost Dianna Shandy provided an update on the Augustana Prison Education Program. Attention is being paid to our students’ success as they transition to post-release, a major consideration as we prepare to secure accreditation for the program.


Provost Shandy also provided an update on the BA/Bachelor of Science in Nursing partnership with Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Work on the partnership continues within the framework of Augustana’s next HLC visit.

'Stops' discussion

As part of the implementation of Augustana Bold & Boundless, the Cabinet is leading a broader campus conversation on what current practices and activities might cease or be altered in order to create greater capacity for new or expanded initiatives. The conversations continue, but some illustrations include:

  • Symposium Day and its core aims will be reviewed so that the program can continue, but do so in closer alignment with the strategic aims of more engaged learning, greater emphasis on maximizing student potential, and expanded connection with the surrounding community.
  • Advancement’s Annual Report of Giving will be discontinued.
  • Student Bulletin daily email will cease due to low uptake by students, but a conversation will ensue on improving communication across campus by other means.
  • Crew program will be discontinued due to low student interest.
  • Cabinet members are encouraging broader campus conversations on such topics as J-term, Celebration of Learning, data gathering/sharing, absence verification systems, and the role of Starfish in advising, among others.

OISSS Orientation

Vice President for DEI Gauri Pitale briefed the Cabinet on orientation activities run by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.

OmniLert review

Cabinet discussed means by which members of the campus community can report an emergency situation, with an eye toward increasing the effectiveness of such systems and improving awareness of them.

Communication matrix for potential campus disruptions

A recent emergency drill at the US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal caused concern on campus when P.A. messages (that were part of the drill) could be heard on campus announcing an active shooter. Vice President Kent Barnds is working with Communication and Marketing to share news on campus quickly when such potential disruptions occur.

April 9, 2024

Plus meeting; annotated agenda

Note: Cabinet members were joined by Dr. Rob Elfine and Dr. Brian Leech from Faculty Council, and Mindy Zumdome from Human Resources.  

Strategic Plan potential deletes and changes

As part of the Augustana Bold & Boundless strategic plan implementation, the campus community is being asked to identify current practices that might cease or be altered in ways that free up capacity for new initiatives supporting the plan's goals.

Members of Faculty Council have suggested ending or altering J-term and Symposium Days, and Cabinet members offered several ideas related to improving Starfish, absence reporting, and other administrative structures.

If you have ideas for what the Cabinet has referred to as "Stops & Changes," please feel free to send them to

April 3, 2024

Annotated agenda

Cabinet goals follow-up

Following their retreat held in February, Cabinet members agreed to develop annual goals in addition to ongoing goals such as assessing/improving Cabinet function and team development. For the year ahead, much of the discussion has centered on work related to implementation of Augustana Bold & Boundless.

Free expression and objectionable speech

Recent instances involving anonymous messaging with content discordant with Augustana’s community principles prompted Cabinet discussion on platforms that allow for anonymous communication. While such situations continue to be monitored with steps taken to address defamatory speech targeting members of the community, the Cabinet’s consensus is to address the issue rather than the platform. In addition to discussing specific cases, the Cabinet discussed ongoing efforts to maintain and increase campus awareness of Augustana’s community principles.

Augustana Fund designation 

Jon Enslin, vice president for college advancement, shared plans to direct all otherwise undesignated Augustana Fund contributions to financial aid resources. Currently about half of contributions to this annual fund are directed to out-of-the-classroom opportunities, student/faculty research, and general operations of the college, with the total amount given generally exceeding $2 million per year. This designation will allow for more effective fundraising and will not impact the amount of resources available to the college.

Work From Home

Cabinet considered timing of a review of WFH involving supervisors to provide a formal means of assessing this benefit to our workforce. Cabinet members reiterated that supervisors have discretion to tailor WFH arrangements to align with workflow, needs specific to their areas of operation, and overall employee performance.

Risk Management follow-up 

General Counsel Sheri Curran followed up a March presentation by Dr. Kristin Douglas, associate vice president for retention and student success, with plans to continue Cabinet engagement with retention efforts. Also under consideration is a community survey on risks and opportunities facing the college.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Dr. Gauri Pitale, vice president for DEI, shared working definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as a functional description of Belonging, which can be seen as the outcome of effective DEI work. As a starting point for creating shared language, Pitale offered this definition of Belonging from Krys Burnette: "An organization that engages the full potential of the individual, where innovation thrives, and views, beliefs, and values are integrated."

March 6, 2024

Annotated agenda

Augustana Bold & Boundless activation process 

President Andrea Talentino shared a timeline for the next steps in implementation of the College’s new strategic plan, Augustana Bold & Boundless. These will include a series of Monday Memos and faculty/staff salons at the Dahl President’s Home to discuss aspects of the plan, such as what "Student Ready" might look like at Augustana. Concurrently, the Implementation Council is devising a framework for considering proposals to advance the plan’s strategic directions.

Cabinet goals 

At its recent planning retreat, held in February at Bergendoff Hall, the Cabinet discussed goals for the coming year. Communication and collaboration through the lens of the Augustana Bold & Boundless will be a top priority.

Net Promoter Score 

Kent Barnds, executive vice president for strategy and innovation, shared several data points from routine surveying of Augustana’s seniors that, taken together, can be seen as a Net Promoter Score (a common metric used in customer experience programs). The questions include, "If you could re-live your college decision would you choose Augustana again?" and "Did my undergraduate experience at Augustana contribute to my sense of self-direction and purpose in life?" Aggregating the five inputs to the score could provide insight on the effectiveness of the strategic plan and its impact on students’ experiences.

May Board agenda

Although May 9 may seem comfortably distant from an early March lookout, it’ll be here before we know it. Cabinet members began planning the agenda for the spring trustees' meeting.

Feb. 28, 2024

Annotated agenda

Augie Choice for sophomore athletes 

Provost Dianna Shandy brought forward a concern regarding use of Augie Choice funds by sophomores engaged in athletic programs that are planning international travel. Since NCAA rules only allow such activities once every three years, such students may miss Augie Choice eligibility absent an exception being granted. The practice of granting such exceptions will continue while a broader review of Augie Choice eligibility continues.

Welcome Week and concurrent programs

Cabinet reviewed the schedule for the week prior to Labor Day, which begins with an all-campus retreat followed by the faculty retreat, then includes Opening Convocation and intensive programs that help students gain a footing on board the Augustana "ship." Planning continues for August 2024 while a review of activities for 2025 and beyond gets underway.

Free expression: statement for use at public events

The Cabinet approved the following text for use as desired by members of the campus community:

"As an institution of higher education, Augustana embraces freedom of expression. Our core identity as a higher learning institution means we – as a community – listen to opinions that we agree and disagree with, as well as opinions that may be highly controversial, challenge deeply rooted beliefs, and even offend us. We trust that all participants here will abide by this commitment to freedom of academic inquiry and expression that is the foundation of intellectual growth." 

Free expression: community training Spring 2024

Curran reported to Cabinet  that PEN America would offer a series of 4 workshops on campus this Spring: Laying the Foundation of Free Speech and Academic Freedom (Faculty & Staff); Tense Moments & Aftermath Communications (Staff); Setting the Stage for Robust Engagement in the Classroom (Faculty), and Scenarios & Discussion (All).

Feb. 21, 2024

Plus meeting; annotated agenda

Free speech matters 

General Counsel Sheri Curran briefed the Cabinet on next steps in Augustana's partnership with PEN America on civil discourse. Begun in 2022, the work has included Symposium Day presentations, focused sessions with the Cabinet, and broader programs for faculty and trustees. Currently, PEN representatives are working with ResLife Community Advisors to train them on convening small group conversation on their floors.

Given that communicating effectively across difference is a much sought-after skill by employers, the work with PEN fits well into the new Augustana Bold & Boundless strategic plan. At least one more PEN America interaction for faculty and staff will be held this spring.

Student recruitment update and financial aid process going forward

Kent Barnds, executive vice president for strategy and innovation briefed the Cabinet on continuing challenges with the US Department of Education’s roll-out of a new FAFSA form, which is affecting every higher ed institution in the country. Augustana is monitoring what other schools are doing, and is poised to move forward rapidly when the filing process officially opens. 

Strategic Plan implementation sessions

The Strategic Plan Implementation Council has added to its eight initially planned information sessions (see below for schedule and registration information). The sessions focus on one of two broad themes: the higher ed context in which we find ourselves and the language Augustana's prospective students respond to.

Fundraising update

Vice President for Advancement Jon Enslin provided information on the early stages of planning the next comprehensive campaign, part of which will generate support for initiatives engendered by Augustana Bold & Boundless.

Strategic Plan information session schedule:

Bold and Boundless: Context, overview, measures and costs: 

  • Monday, February 26 from 3:30 to 4:15 - Olin 15
  • Wednesday, February 28 from noon to 12:45 - Lindberg 205 
  • Friday, March 1 from noon to 12:45 - Lindberg 205

Bold & Boundless: Market research findings: 

  • Tuesday, February 27 from 8 to 8:45 - Olin 105
  • Wednesday, February 28 from 3:30 to 4:15 - Olin 105

You may register to attend these sessions by completing the form found at this link.

Feb. 13, 2024

Plus meeting; annotated agenda

Strategic Plan Implementation Council

President Andrea Talentino briefed the Cabinet on upcoming work related to Augustana Bold & Boundless, including informational sessions convened by the Strategic Plan Implementation Council on both the broader higher education landscape and our specific ecosystem within it.

The Implementation Council is headed by Kent Barnds, executive vice president for strategy and innovation, and will work to encourage conversations around the three core goals of the plan, while helping connect ideas with resources. Moving forward, keeping the campus community apprised of the plan's impact on Augustana's competitive position within the marketplace will be a major communications focus. 

Shared Governance at Board Retreat

Dr. Mariano Magalhães, chair of the Faculty Council, noted that while the January Board Retreat was a good opportunity to build shared governance, there might be opportunities to increase exchange. One thought is to offer relevant preparatory material to faculty and staff in advance of future shared conversations. Although the tragedy of a student death on campus altered the retreat's schedule, Dr. Brian Leech, Faculty Council vice chair, reinforced the importance of social engagement with trustees. 

Augie Choice

Responding to a question from Dr. Magalhães, President Talentino noted that analysis is underway on the fiscal feasibility of broadening Augie Choice eligibility to sophomores.

Jan. 24, 2024

Annotated agenda

Meals over break

Dr. Lisa Durant-Jones, interim vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, and Dr. Wes Brooks, vice president of student life, led a review of efforts to ensure that all students remaining on campus over the winter break had access to meals in the absence of usual dining options. A number of successful strategies were employed, including prepped meals delivered to the Westerlin Residence Center at designated times. Sixteen students took part in that program. 

Promotional element at the QC Storm Black Excellence Event 

Dr. Durant-Jones also sought Cabinet input on marketing opportunities at an upcoming Black Excellence event sponsored by the local hockey franchise, to which 100 students have registered for free tickets.

Survey Coordination Committee 

Provost Dianna Shandy shared an update on the establishment of a Survey Coordination Committee led by Dr. Kristin Douglas and Dr. Tšooane Molapo. Dr. Shandy indicated the committee is working to establish protocols around campus surveys, their distribution and coordination.

Strategic Plan

President Andrea Talentino and Kent Barnds, executive vice president for strategy and innovation, led a conversation on measurement/assessment and cost implications of Augustana Bold and Boundless, the draft strategic plan that will be shared with the Board of Trustees at its winter meeting this weekend. In a related item, General Counsel Sheri Curran briefed Cabinet members on final details related to the board meeting.

Jan. 18, 2024

Plus meeting; annotated agenda

Note: Brian Leech and Mindy Zumdome joined Cabinet members for this meeting. 

The Cabinet took part in an interactive presentation from Jones Architecture, the College's partners in devising the next Campus Master Plan.


Nov. 29, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: Dr. Mariano Magalhães, Dr. Rob Elfline and Mindy Zumdome joined the Cabinet. 

Open Enrollment

Director of Human Resources Mindy Zumdome reported healthy uptake on enrollment for health and related benefits. 


Executive Vice President Kent Barnds reported that Jill Johnson will begin her work this week as associate vice president for communications and marketing. Meanwhile, Augustana’s new vice president-advancement, Jon Enslin, whose appointment was announced earlier in the month, will join the campus on January 2nd.

HEED Data Report

Interim Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lisa Durant-Jones reported on Augustana’s latest honors in the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Awards from the publication Insight Into Diversity. Only two private institutions in Illinois earned recognition, the other being Northwestern University*. While this year’s HEED report contains much good news for Augustana, it also details areas in which we as a community might improve. These include graduation rates for domestic Students of Color and recruitment/retention of Persons of Color among faculty and staff.

J-term 2024 

Vice President and Dean of Students Wes Brooks led the Cabinet in revisiting the new 2024 J-term approach, which allows students who are engaged in meaningful experiences to remain in housing even if they are not registered for a J-term class. The new processes will involve such offices as the Residential Life. Dining Services and the Registrar’s Office.

Orientation and Registration update 

Wes also shared an update that planning for both the Spring 2024 Welcome and Summer 2024 Orientation and Registration (O&R) is proceeding smoothly. The O&R working group is meeting regularly to plan for an engaging, productive and enjoyable program again this summer, and progress is ahead of schedule. Four dates for Summer O&R in June, July and August will be shared shortly.

Student wages

Cabinet members discussed student concern over wages. While the Augustana wage for students (which ranges from $10 to $11.25 depending on the position) is well above other private educational institutions in the Quad Cities, it remains below the Illinois minimum wage (from which colleges are exempt) of $13 per hour.

*Considered by some to the Augustana of Chicago’s north suburbs.

Nov. 15, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: Dr. Kristin Douglas, Dr. Mariano Magalhães, Dr. Rob Elfline and Mindy Zumdome joined the Cabinet. 

International student needs over break

The increasing number of international students staying in Rock Island over the winter break prompted a conversation on possible support being offered beyond what is outlined to students and their families prior to their enrollment. A small team has been activated to develop and share an inventory of resources available during the coming winter break, and a larger effort to plan for subsequent breaks will be convened after the holidays.  

Faculty statement on shared governance

Mariano Magalhães, chair of the Faculty Council, and Council Member Rob Elfline led a discussion on Guiding Principles of Shared Governance at Augustana, a document created under the leadership of the Faculty Council.

Strategic planning update

President Andrea Talentino asked Cabinet members to review the appendix to the current draft of the strategic plan, and to think about areas for which they might consider ownership.  

Nov. 8, 2023

Annotated agenda

Enrollment outlook through 2026-27 

The Cabinet discussed potential impacts of enrollment growth on the Office of Residential Life, and specifically its ability to house additional students. Factors in this consideration include relative enrollments of domestic and international students, and the continuing renovation of the Erickson Residence Center (taking rooms offline sequentially).

Strategic planning update

As work continues to prepare Augustana Unbound for consideration by the Board of Trustees, Executive Vice President Kent Barnds reported that dashboards are being prepared for each of the broad goals, noting that it will be up to faculty and staff to provide additional detail under each area. Barnds also noted that Augustana’s recent plans have provided strong guidance for the first four years following adoption, then recent plans have (with tweaks) remained relevant for up to a decade.

OISSS software update

Interim Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lisa Durant-Jones reported on implementation of a new software system, Terra Dotta, that supports integration of International students. A soft launch will begin in May with full implementation expected in the fall of 2024.

VP searches update 

President Andrea Talentino shared that a finalist for the VP-DEI position would make a campus visit in December. 

Nov. 1, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: Due to scheduling conflicts, Faculty Council was represented by Dr. Michael Reisner and Dr. Rob Elfline.

Credit load

Provost Dianna Shandy led a conversation on the number of credits covered by annual tuition, given concerns about potential early exits by students. Cabinet opted to maintain the current 34 credits as beneficial to many programs, such as education, music and accounting, that already need more room for students to complete requirements. Additionally, Cabinet members expressed support for Augustana’s commitment to providing room for exploration, multiple majors, the ability to counteract a poor semester, and overall ability to try additional credit-bearing programs. The current 34-credit policy will be maintained.

VP Searches update

President Andrea Talentino reported on searches for Augustana’s next VP-Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and VP for Advancement, noting both were progressing well and that announcements might be expected this month. Additionally, Executive Vice President Kent Barnds announced that finalists for the Associate VP of Communications & Marketing would be invited to visit campus in coming weeks.

Uppsala update

President Talentino and Provost Shandy reported on their trip to Sweden’s Uppsala University, which was very productive and underlined the value Uppsala puts on having a partner like Augustana. Uppsala hosted the entire visit and provided many opportunities to meet with faculty and staff interested in building the partnership further. President Talentino gave a talk as part of a Democracy in Higher Education conference, which was very well-received and highlighted the expertise Augustana provides as an institution that prioritizes the production of impactful citizens above research. Provost Shandy has begun making connections within the university as well as with other organizations in Sweden dedicated to higher education.

Cabinet bartenders

President Talentino reported that Augustana would reprise the successful holiday party from last year, with catering by José and Sarah Zepeda from Quad City Pancake House. To manage costs, Cabinet members will be asked to complete alcohol policy training in order to serve beer and wine, sparing our catering colleagues the need to work at the party.

Oct. 18, 2023

Annotated agenda

HLC visit for 2025-26

Provost Dianna Shandy briefed Cabinet on the next comprehensive visit by the Higher Learning Commission, and considered possible dates in October 2025.

Strategic Plan updates

President Andrea Talentino provided an update on the strategic planning process, reminding colleagues that while the plan is still some ways off, the goal is not to ask people to do more, but to "do different."

Ascension Chapel renovations

Dr. Wes Brooks, dean of students, reported on a meeting involving Pastor Melinda Pupillo, campus chaplain, and President Talentino on developing cost estimates for a reconceptualization of the College’s primary worship space.

Emergency communications update

Brooks also followed up on the recent power outage on campus, and updates made by the Emergency Planning Task Force to the College’s response plans based on lessons learned.

Community meeting

The Cabinet meeting followed a community “town hall” in the Brunner Theatre that provided an outlook for the College’s fiscal health. Those unable to attend the Oct 18 gathering will have the option of a virtual meeting on Oct. 24 at 4 p.m.

Mandatory trainings

While no one on campus – including your humble correspondent – is a huge fan of mandatory training programs, the Cabinet was reminded that some of these programs are government mandated, and others are required in order to maintain lower rates for certain forms of insurance. Plenty of time remains before the November deadlines to reinforce one’s commitment to Augustana’s community principles of accountability and responsibility by completing the required training modules.

Sept. 27, 2023

Annotated agenda

In an update meeting without a formal agenda, Cabinet members shared recent developments related to:

  • The upcoming fall Board of Trustees meeting
  • Searches underway for VP-Advancement and VP-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Budget
  • Campus planning
  • Strategic Planning effort

Sept. 13, 2023

Plus meeting; annotated agenda

Note: For PLUS meetings, the Cabinet is joined by Mariano Magalhães and Brian Leech from Faculty Council, and Mindy Zumdome from Human Resources.

Retention strategies

Kristin Douglas, associate vice president for retention and student success, briefed Cabinet members on priorities for strategizing in four broad categories – structural issues, systemic issues, staffing issues, and curricular issues. An oversight group would be established from key campus offices to coordinate working groups and leverage existing campus committees to focus on improving retention.

President Andrea Talentino noted that retention is never an extra duty, but rather part of everyone’s job

Minors on campus policies

General Counsel Sheri Curran briefed the Cabinet on the College’s new draft policy related to minors (other than currently-enrolled students) coming to campus. Listening sessions with departments more significantly impacted by the draft policy requirements will be held prior to finalizing the policy. As that happens, Jennie Hemingway will work with campus constituencies and Rita Gustafson will work with off-campus partners to ensure compliance.

Moroccan earthquake

Lisa Durant-Jones, interim vice president of diversity, equity & inclusion, reported on meetings with students from Morocco, in the wake of the recent earthquakes centered in the Atlas Mountains near the city of Marrakech. Many of our students' families have been impacted by the disaster. 

No meeting next week (Sept 20, 2023)

Sept. 6, 2023

Annotated agenda

FY experience

Cabinet members heard an update on discussions being led by the faculty’s Sustainable Semesters group regarding possible changes that might be proposed to our first-year experience.

Strategic Plan process

Mark Robison and Mike Diamond from Academic Leadership Associates continue to lead the Strategic Planning Commission through the information gathering process, and will be meeting with staff, faculty and students during campus visits next week.

Performance reviews

Kirk Anderson, vice president for administration, reminded Cabinet member of the upcoming deadlines for performance review conversations.

Aug. 23, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: During the summer, the Cabinet often meets without an agenda, with a focus on sharing updates.

Strategic planning

President Andrea Talentino reported on the recent outreach sessions led by the consultants from Academic Leadership Associates, and shared that broader “town hall” style meetings would be held on September 11.

Other items

  • Thanks in part to employees helping with clean-ups and room checks, Vice President for Student Life Wes Brooks reported that there had been zero complaints from families on football move-in day.
  • Interim Vice President-DEI Lisa Durant-Jones shared that new and expanded bias education and reporting resources would be available in the fall semester.
  • In 2014, when a diversity figure of 15% was achieved for the incoming class, it was cause for celebration. Kent Barnds, executive vice president for external relations, reported that the corollary figure for this incoming class is 40%.

Aug. 9, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: The Cabinet was joined by Dr. Loren Anderson and Dr. Kim Bobby of AGB Search, the firm assisting Augustana in the search for our next Vice President-DEI.

VP-DEI search

Cabinet members shared their thoughts on the desired attributes of the college’s next DEI leader, along with their thoughts on challenges and opportunities that leader would face. Interim Vice President-DEI Lisa Durant-Jones noted that as diversity continues to expand at Augustana, we can expect to see more issues related to inclusion and equity both within, as well as across, diverse communities.

Referencing their preliminary conversations with potential candidates, the consultants from AGB Search noted that given the variegated landscape for DEI work across the country, being in Illinois is proving to be an advantage.

Other items

  • President Andrea Talentino reported that strong employee participation in the first campus clean-up day made for a successful event, noting that a second opportunity exists August 24.
  • The Strategic Planning Commission is hosting three Outreach Sessions August 14-16 to share themes emerging from its three working groups’ deliberations to date. These are more focused, smaller scale sessions, to get ideas and input on a specific topic. Each session will feature a different theme.
  • Provost Dianna Shandy updated the Cabinet on the search for our next AVP for CORE, alerting Cabinet that finalists will be coming onto campus next week. She also reported that the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center had received a $50,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

May 17, 2023

Annotated agenda

Briefing on emergency communications

Nicole Lauer, public relations and marketing specialist, joined the Cabinet to provide an overview of updates to the College’s emergency communications plans. These include insights gained from the April 20 preparedness drill held in conjunction with the Rock Island Police Department. Keri Rursch, vice president of marketing and communication, noted that the changes also reflect the evolution of social media since the plan was written in approximately 2009.

DEI next steps

Dr. Monica Smith, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, briefed the Cabinet on programs and activities related to DEI that are underway or soon will be. These include student-focused programs that help individuals become proactive agents in fighting bias and promoting belonging, as well as activities related to employee development and hiring processes. The briefing highlighted connections between each initiative and appropriate Cabinet roles to ensure that progress does not stop during the interim phase, while we are searching for our next VP for DEI. Dr. Smith will leave us after Commencement to become the associate vice president for equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging for the entire University of Wisconsin system, in which role she will oversee the chief diversity officers from each of the 13 Wisconsin branch campuses.

Campus alcohol policy 

General Counsel Sheri Curran led a discussion on updating the College’s policies related to alcohol on campus. Several new provisions aimed at managing risk and liability are being considered, while reminders will be communicated concerning several existing policies, such as the prohibition against using P-cards to purchase alcohol.

May 8, 2023

Plus meeting

Note: For "Plus" meetings, the Cabinet is joined by Amanda Wilmsmeyer, Mariano Magalhães and Mindy Zumdome

After-Action discussion on preparedness drill – Wes

In April, the Rock Island Police Department used the college’s Ryden House (originally Cervín House) as part of a drill that included Augustana’s emergency response apparatus. The exercise resulted in several suggestion to improve the way the College deals with such emergencies. Participants from both campus and municipal agencies felt the "real time" drill had been very useful and had further informed the College crisis preparedness plan.
Strategic planning

Based on input from the Strategic Planning Commission, Kent Barnds, Augustana’s executive vice president led a discussion of some possible future directions in the process of creating and implementing the College’s next strategic plan.

May 3, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: The Cabinet was joined by Dianna Shandy (DS), who will become Augustana’s provost this summer, as well as three colleagues from Communication and Marketing: Debbie Blaylock, Nicole Lauer and Tobi Matter.

Strategic planning

The Cabinet discussed the work of the Strategic Planning Commission, and how best to present it to the Board at its spring meeting, portions of which will include members of the Commission. Conversation centered around refining the substance of the SPC's work into draft initiatives that could form the basis for Board discussion.

Small capital projects

Vice President of Administration and CFO Kirk Anderson provided an update on recently- and soon-to-be-completed capital projects. With the unanticipated expense of tank replacement at the Power House, we have had to reduce the small capital budget, leaving approximately $960,000 available for small capital projects this year.

April 13, 2023

Annotated agenda

Note: the meeting included Drs. Amanda Wilmsmayer and Mariano Magalhães from Faculty Council and Mindy Zumdome, director of human resources.

During the meeting, Mindy Zumdome provided a review of communication plans around final budget actions.

Dr. Wes Brooks shared information on the upcoming Emergency planning drill, and cabinet members agreed that testing of communications during the drill would be coordinated in a way that will limit and likely eliminate disruptions to classes, meetings, etc. The drill is slated to run between 9 and 11 a.m. on Thursday, April 20.

Kirk Anderson provided information about the college's mandate that students be insured, with ensuing discussion centering on whether such a mandate should continue. After agreeing on the value of the mandate, discussion turned to how best to provide viable insurance options for students.

As was announced in President Andrea Talentino’s Monday Memo, Dr. Monica Smith shared with the Cabinet that she has been selected to lead Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging work at the University of Wisconsin System, and hence her last day at Augustana would be June 3.

April 5, 2023

Annotated agenda

Budget update

Sheri Curran, general counsel, and Wendy Hilton-Morrow, provost and dean of the college, provided an update on submitted applications for retirement and faculty load reduction programs. Due to participation in these programs, the impact of cuts elsewhere will be slightly attenuated.


Kent Barnds, executive vice president, provided an update on tuition deposits for the coming year. Numbers continue to look good, though the increased May-August volatility of recent years makes predictions far less reliable. While the discount rate is running a bit higher than previously, among the underlying causes is the growing impact of Augustana Possible, the targeted financial aid program for students with greater need made possible by the Gerber Grand Challenge in Philanthropy.

SPComm update

President Andrea Talentino reported on the Strategic Planning Commission’s upcoming retreat. The Commission, tri-chaired by Dr. David Thornblad, Comptroller Jacob Bobbitt and Trustee Tom Weigand, has been reviewing community input and will set the stage for the next phase in the process, which includes finalizing strategies and defining expected outcomes.

March 22, 2023

Annotated agenda

Compliance update

Cabinet discussed several new compliance requirements and proposed rules from state and federal governmental agencies, along with other legislative and compliance initiatives in the next year. Topics included Title IX, Section 504, Fair Labor Standards Act and the Illinois Paid Vacation for All Workers Act.

J-Term Policy discussion

Wendy Hilton-Morrow and Wes Brooks led a discussion on J-Term based on information gained from a survey administered this spring to students and faculty and overall assessment of the first four years. Evidence shows that students are very supportive of J-Term while faculty and staff views are more mixed. Cabinet accepted a proposal developed jointly by Academic Affairs and Student Life to make J-Term more flexible so that students are not required to register for a class if they are on campus for other approved activities. Cabinet plans to assess the outcome a year from now.

Strategic Planning Commission update

Kent Barnds reported that the Strategic Planning Commission is going well and that the facilitators from Academic Leadership Associates are very helpful. Many good ideas have emerged and now need to be developed into true strategic directions. The SPC will hold its retreat in mid-April and expects to define some draft initiatives which will form the basis of further discussion across the Augustana community.

Feb. 22, 2023

Annotated agenda


President Andrea Talentino and Kirk Anderson, chief financial officer, led a conversation preparatory to an all-campus meeting to be held Thursday, Feb. 23, regarding the steps the college would take to address projected deficits. Taking steps in four broad areas:

  • How we pay off debt principal
  • Keeping goods and services spending as flat as possible
  • Reducing compensation expenses, largely through keeping positions open
  • Targeted use of cash reserves in this fiscal year and the next.

Initial ideas for incentives related to retirement and voluntary load reduction were discussed, and plans are expected to come into focus in coming weeks. Goals common to all of the ideas under discussion include a) enabling compensation increases and a 6% match on retirement contributions for all employees, and b) reduction, if not elimination, of the need to separate employees involuntarily.

Fleet Safety policy

General Counsel Sheri Curran reviewed planned updates to Augustana’s practices around driving college-provided vehicles and/or for college-sanctioned activities. Anyone driving students will be required to undergo certification. Drivers in certain circumstances will need to be at least 25 years old. Operating golf carts will require training in person.

Title IX update

Coordinator Jennie Hemingway joined the Cabinet for a briefing on the college’s Title IX policies and practices. Many of these have been subject to change in federal rules in recent years. Anyone desiring the slide deck used in the presentation is very welcome to email Jennie Hemingway.

Feb. 15, 2023

Annotated agenda

President Andrea Talentino opened the meeting by sharing that she’d received numerous positive comments in the Quad Cities community about the February 11 Step Afrika! event arranged by Ashley Allen, and asked that the Cabinet’s thanks be conveyed to Ashley and the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity team, as well as to the Communications and Marketing team for an effective campaign that led to an SRO night at Centennial Hall.


Dr. Amanda Wilmsmeyer, chair of Faculty Council, and Mindy Zumdome, director of human resources, joined the discussion regarding ongoing efforts to reduce a deficit anticipated in the current fiscal year. The Cabinet is seeking to reduce spending in both current and subsequent fiscal years, given the decremental enrollment forecasts beginning in 2026 due to the demographic cliff. 

Feb. 1, 2023

Annotated agenda


Cabinet members continued discussion on possible responses to deficits anticipated in this and the following two fiscal years.


Cabinet continued a discussion regarding how to organize orientation more effectively. Dr. Wes. Brooks, vice president of student life, is taking the lead on organizing and implementing orientation, in collaboration with Dr. Monica Smith, vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Four in-person events are planned for this summer, each involving 150-160 incoming students. Cabinet also expressed support for a purpose statement regarding orientation, to guide the work and coordination of involved offices.

“The purpose of Orientation is to introduce students to what it means to be an Augustana Viking and begin to develop their mindset for college life. In addition, families become oriented to both the philosophical and operational dynamics of having a student at college. Students should leave their orientation encounter with a fall schedule, a small taste of their impending college journey, and some  personal connections to both their peers and people on campus. Overall these purposes are intended to help us limit summer melt, improve the first year persistence of students, decrease families’ anxiety and increase their students’ satisfaction. To date having new students registered has also been a goal of registration. We need to start viewing this as a collective goal of the institution rather than a piecemeal attempt by independent offices to achieve their needs. We are asking students and families to give their time to us—we need to know why, and we need to be working together to make it meaningful for them and us.”

Student wage

After numerous meetings with students, the Cabinet is preparing an hourly wage increase for students in positions that include supervisory duties, with details expected to be released in coming weeks.

Jan. 25, 2023

Annotated agenda

The Cabinet again focused on the budget for the current and next two fiscal years, with Kirk Anderson, vice president for administration, discussing strategies to address anticipated deficits in the current and following two fiscal years.

Jan. 18, 2023

Annotated agenda

The meeting focused on the budget for the current and next two fiscal years, with Kirk Anderson, vice president for administration, relating scenarios that have been prepared by the Business Office using inputs from Cabinet members related to their respective areas. Strategies remain under discussion for addressing anticipated deficits in the current and following two fiscal years, with an eye toward preparing for the demographic cliff expected in 2026.

Jan. 11, 2023

Annotated agenda

Remote work policy

The Cabinet addressed outstanding questions regarding the remote work policy and finalized the language. Members also discussed how best to communicate changes regarding remote work as well as how to support supervisors in managing the remote policy.

Retention position

The Cabinet discussed and finalized the job description for an Associate Vice President for Retention and Student Success. Conversation centered on the importance of improving retention as well as the need for strategic thinking and leadership on retention. Creating a position with minimum additional cost and no additional head count was also defined as important. The expected timeframe for this position to take effect is FY 2024.

Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Provost Wendy Hilton-Morrow updated Cabinet on the status of discussions with Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences to create an integrated program that has students spend their first two years taking classes at Augustana and their last two at Trinity. While the discussion is in its early stages, Trinity and Augustana are both supportive of the concept. At the end of Fall Semester Provost Hilton-Morrow convened representatives from Admissions, Office of the Registrar, Academic Affairs, Student Life and Finance to discuss important requirements and parameters of such a program. The next step is to develop a one-page summary to share with Trinity to ensure continued commitment before further conversations and discussions regarding academic program and goals can take place.


Dec. 21, 2022


Smoke/vape-free policy
Orientation-agreement on statement of goals,
Student work report
Lincoln Park/tennis.

PEN Principles update – next Cabinet Plus
Academic connection to board

Nov. 30, 2022

Annotated agenda

Strategic Planning Commission update 

President Andrea Talentino discussed a potential timeline for the strategic planning process. While still in the initial phase of community input, a Strategic Planning Commission will soon be named to begin the work of drafting strategic directions for the college. The process will include pathways for input at several points, including a group built around the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results analysis) methodology, which will meet in early January and provide and provide additional input to guide the commission’s work.

Campus smoking/vaping policy

Prior to the onset of COVID, faculty and student governance had supported a smoking and vaping ban on the campus. Such a ban went into effect on a temporary basis with other pandemic mitigation measures, and the Cabinet has made the ban permanent. 

Budget stress exercise

Like schools across our sector, Augustana is dealing with financial challenges due to student selection and persistence. Although ours have been modest by comparison, responses are required to account for reduced revenues. Cabinet members are considering all operations of the college in the exercise; while doing so, all members of the campus community are reminded that our efforts to support recruitment are both needful and appreciated.

Nov. 18, 2022

Annotated agenda

Strategic planning listening sessions update

Cabinet members who’ve led the sessions reported on impressions from the conversations held to date. Nominations for the Strategic Plan Commission have been received, and its roster will be finalized in coming days.


Dr. Kristin Douglas, associate dean of the college, Dr. Amanda Wilmsmeyer and Dr. Mariano Magalhães from faculty council, and Mindy Zumdome, director of human resources) participated in a discussion about orientation. The discussion included the purpose of the summer sessions, their timing, and potential improvements that might be considered.

Dr. Monica Smith offered one description of orientation’s purpose as an attempt to introduce new students to what an education at Augustana is all about, recognizing that for some it may be a next step, and for others more of a leap.

Several models for “ownership” of orientation are being considered, and the issue will be brought back to the Cabinet in the coming weeks.

COVID communications

As noted in the Nov. 17 Campus Update from Communications and Marketing, the college continues to provide information on vaccination for COVID-19 and influenza. For people with a confirmed case of COVID, the CDC recommends a five-day isolation period, and wearing a mask for days 6-10. Employees should report positive COVID cases to their supervisors and Human Resources. Students should report COVID cases to Public Safety.

Food insecurity

With the coming holiday break, special efforts will be made to inform students staying in the residence halls of meal options, Campus Cupboard, and other resources available to them on days that Dining Services is closed.

Nov. 2, 2022

Annotated agenda

In her opening comments, President Andrea Talentino noted she’d been meeting with academic departments, and has been impressed with the willingness to help with the three areas of focus (place, distinction and transformation) that are expected to be part of the next strategic plan.

Athletic competitiveness

Dr. Wes Brooks, vice president and dean of student life, led a discussion on a recently completed review of athletic competitiveness at Augustana. The college competes well, generally, within the College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin (which happens to be among the highest performing conferences in the NCAA’s Division III) and, indeed, Vikings excel in some sports. In order to advance athletics as a whole, plans are being prepared to address understaffing in some areas, offering evaluation metrics tied to professional development opportunities, and closer working relationships between faculty, admissions and athletics.

10th Day data analysis

Led Dr. Kristin Douglas, associate dean of the college, and Dr. Tšooane Molapo, director of institutional research, the Cabinet engaged in more granular analysis of the Fall 2022 Tenth-Day Report. Particular focus was on increasing retention of international students and African-American women by improving engagement opportunities with the campus community.

Oct. 26, 2022

Annotated agenda

In opening the meeting, President Andrea Talentino shared thoughts on her October 15 inauguration, noting it was way cooler than an inauguration she subsequently attended at another institution. She thanked Keri Rursch, vice president of marketing and communication, who led the inauguration planning effort.

Strategic planning processes

As the process that will lead to Augustana’s next strategic plan gets underway, a commission made up of faculty, staff, trustees and students will be named by the president to guide the work. Throughout the process we will work to engage the campus community for input, feedback, and discussion of potential ideas. Initial listening sessions will precede the new commission’s first meeting, expected early in 2023.

Great Colleges update

As in past years, the 2022 Great Colleges to Work For survey shows Augustana’s results largely in line with other national liberal arts colleges. Approximately 38% of faculty members completed the survey, as did 36% of administrative employees and 24% of staff colleagues.

Augustana’s overall survey average was 65% positive, which is in the “Good” range. Areas of improvement were also identified, and much of the cabinet’s discussion centered on means of improving performance assessment. Human Resources will lead the effort to develop more effective policies and training around evaluation, which will complement work already underway to develop policies addressing hybrid- and summer work schedules.

Oct. 19, 2022

Annotated agenda

Work at Augustana College

Director of Human Resources Mindy Zumdome briefed the cabinet on the college’s benefits structure, and presented information related to hybrid and summer work. Several ideas are under consideration and details on any changes to current practice will be shared soon.


While the national decline in private college enrollment has certainly affected Augustana, plans presented at this month’s board meeting provide a starting point for the college’s response. Vice President for Administration and CFO Kirk Anderson will be refining those plans over the next couple of months, with further updates to the campus community coming soon.

Oct. 5, 2022

Annotated agenda

Board meeting preparation

General Counsel Sheri Curran led the Cabinet through the agenda for the October Board meeting, and Cabinet members shared areas of focus for each of the Board’s committees: Students First, Financial Health, Innovation & Competitive Position, Good Governance, and Audit & Risk.

Restorative justice initiative

Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Dr. Monica Smith informed the Cabinet of a new initiative in restorative justice, which will include training opportunities for the Cabinet, as well as other members of the campus community.

Inauguration update

Vice President for Communication & Marketing Keri Rursch briefed Cabinet members on the upcoming inauguration of Dr. Andrea Talentino. A student picnic, academic presentations and a street party on Seventh Avenue will wrap around what is only the fifth presidential inauguration at Augustana since Orville and Wilbur Wright first flew an airplane at Kitty Hawk.

Sept. 28, 2022

Annotated agenda

The meeting opened with General Counsel Sheri Curran introducing Jennie Hemingway, Augustana’s new Title IX coordinator.

10th-day numbers and fiscal ramifications

The Cabinet reviewed and discussed the enrollment numbers for the current term, which are lower than anticipated and lower than budgeted. While the Cabinet will continue to review the causes for the lower than expected enrollment, some of the causes discussed at this meeting included challenges caused by international students’ inability to obtain needed documentation from embassies and consulates abroad.

While the arrival of many of these students (and transfers) later in the academic year should have a positive impact, the budgetary consequences will require careful consideration and discussion in the coming weeks.

Provost search process

Cabinet members had a conversation via Zoom with Dr. Sharon Herzberger from Academic Search, the firm assisting Augustana in the provost search. It was one in a series of conversations with colleagues undertaken by Dr. Herzberger, who was also part of the presidential search that brought President Andrea Talentino to Augustana.

Sept. 21, 2022

Annotated agenda

Student recruitment plans

For this discussion, Kent Barnds, Augustana’s vice president for external relations, was joined by Courtney Wallace, director of admissions, and John Cage, director of financial aid.

Significant demographic challenges in Illinois coupled with a national decline in demand for higher education are increasing competitiveness for college-bound students. Wallace provided a detailed plan she is leading and actions being taken by the Admissions team. She highlight efforts to rebuild market share and propel growth among strategic populations.

The college is most successful when faculty members and coaches engage in personal contacts with prospective students. Meanwhile, the Augustana Possible initiative, fueled by donors to the Gerber Grand Challenge, is helping address demonstrated need for students who might not otherwise have considered Augustana.

HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey

For this discussion, Monica Smith, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, was joined by Dr. Tšooane Molapo, director of institutional research.

Augustana participates in the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, based at Wabash College in Indiana. The HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey asks students, faculty, staff, and administrators about their perceptions of campus climate, supports for diversity and equity, and experiences with discrimination and harassment.

This information is used to develop a better understanding of the extent to which campus climate supports diversity and equity, and can be used to inform and improve support, policies, and practices in these areas.

Among the information shared are data related to DEI and sense of belonging on member campuses. While significant progress has been made since the college’s initial engagement with the Campus Climate Survey in 2018, continued focus is required.

Dr. Smith says catalytic experiences coordinated by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services and the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity, as well as collaborations with other offices, are among the factors that have helped Augustana advance since 2018. 

Dr. Molapo will be leading a team of five Augustana employees attending a gathering of representatives from participating institutions next month at Wabash, which will consider strategies for addressing campus climate.

Sept. 14, 2022

AGENDA - annotated

In addition to cabinet members, Dr. Amanda Wilmsmeyer, Dr. Mariano Magalhães and Mindy Zumdome participated in the meeting.

Innovation ideas discussion

Notes: The board’s Innovation and Competitive Position Committee is charged with overseeing and advising the board on the administration’s strategies for addressing competitive position. Recent documents prepared for the committee were discussed, with consideration given to which ideas merited closer attention.

PEN America update

Notes: Effective expression across differences is an essential part of citizenship. The cabinet is engaging in conversations on how a partnership with PEN America and the PEN Principles can provide meaningful education, discussion, and tools for both affirming speech rights and also understanding speech responsibilities.

PEN Principles will be the subject of a keynote presentation at the Oct. 12 Fall Symposium.

Sept. 7, 2022

AGENDA, annotated

Fall board meeting

Three thematic components of the fall Board meeting will be place, distinction and transformation. 

Place, meaning being a good neighbor here in the 6th Ward of Rock Island and in the Quad Cities community. 

Distinction speaks to attraction and purpose — finding the students who might best benefit from our mission of helping them discover their purpose. 

Transformation here implies the nimbleness to open up channels for faculty and staff to envision and effect innovation and improvement, especially in student development, in a rapidly changing higher education landscape.

President Andrea Talentino will lead the plenary conversation around place, distinction and transformation, and in a later session Monica Smith, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, will lead a DEI spotlight session for trustees.

HOUSE liaison designee

Following new directives from the State of Illinois regarding assistance for students who are classified as homeless, the Office of Residential Life will appoint a lead advocate who will then work with other offices on campus to coordinate services to students who are homeless.

PEN America

The Cabinet will take part in two follow-up sessions with representatives of PEN America to continue discussions on how to promote a campus that is open to all voices. PEN representatives will also be offering a keynote address and an afternoon session taking part during the Oct. 12 Symposium Day.

Aug. 17, 2022

AGENDA, annotated

During opening comments, President Andrea Talentino reflected on this month’s gathering of presidents from ELCA-related colleges, and shared that her appreciation of Augustana’s strong position was reinforced.


Cabinet members shared perspectives on a variety of efforts related to student persistence. While much of our focus is on academic success, retention also relies on out-of-the-classroom means of improving each student’s points of engagement with the college. Observing that there are certainly factors beyond our control, Talentino noted that we can all contribute to the coordination of efforts aimed at helping students stay engaged.

The good work of the Persistence and Success Committee was lifted up, as were efforts to complete an independent audit of academic policies and practices to ensure they don’t create inadvertent obstacles to student success.

All-Campus Retreat, Faculty Retreat, Welcome Week

Details related to these and related campus events were shared in order to coordinate Cabinet members’ roles within and across each.

Note: All-Campus Retreat is Monday, Aug. 29, and Faculty Retreat is Tuesday, Aug. 30. If you’d like to volunteer to help with Move-in on Friday, Sept. 2, please contact Beth Ducey in Residential Life at ext. 2691.

Staffing over Labor Day weekend

Vice President for Finance Kirk Anderson reminded Cabinet members to prepare for staffing needs over the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

Et cetera

Talentino thanked Anderson for his work preparing for the college’s bond refinance.

Aug. 3, 2022

AGENDA, annotated

During opening comments, President Andrea Talentino shared that during a colloquium of new presidents, she was grateful to note (based on input from other participants) that Augustana’s campus leadership is more experienced and capable than many of our peers. Kudos to all colleagues!

COVID-19 update

Wes Brooks, vice president and dean of student life, led an update on protocols and policies currently in place, noting the lifting of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s executive order on mandatory testing. As the pandemic continues to evolve, Augustana’s response to COVID will continue to be shaped by local, state and national public health authorities. The Cabinet will share a more detailed campus communication in the coming week.

Presidential statements

In recent years, several important policies have accreted from presidential statements, including in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and freedom of expression. Working with Sheri Curran, general counsel, and Keri Rursch, vice president of marketing and communication, several such documents will be updated as institutional statements.

Orientation/hand-off from recruitment

Brooks and Kent Barnds, executive vice president, will lead a review of the stream that carries students from prospective to enrolled, the goal being to ensure a continuum of care and support for students throughout the journey and beyond to success at Augustana.

Perceptions of Augustana

Rursch will lead analysis of the ways in which Augustana is viewed by prospective, current and former students, and within the national landscape of higher education.

July 21, 2022

Cabinet “Plus”

Cabinet will meet weekly from September through Commencement. For every fourth meeting, additional colleagues (Faculty Council chair and vice-chair, director of human resources, and others as appropriate to topic) will be invited to join the Cabinet.

Cabinet communications

An annotated agenda from each Cabinet meeting will be shared through an internal website. Additionally, President Andrea Talentino will share occasional memos with the campus community.

Internationalization Lab

Provost Wendy Hilton-Morrow led a conversation on the college's participation in American Council on Education's Internationalization Laboratory.  A campus team led by Pedro Bidegaray, director of International and Off-Campus Programs, is analyzing Augustana's current internationalization activities and will recommend a strategic action plan to take internationalization efforts forward.  

Neighborhood connections

Cabinet members discussed the importance of supporting the neighborhoods surrounding Augustana in ways that strengthen the community and provide mutual benefit.

Innovation and distinction

Vice President Kent Barnds shared an update from the Board of Trustees’ Innovation and Competitive Position Committee. The ensuing conversation underscored the importance of all colleagues thinking about innovation and distinction both in terms of new initiatives and reinvigorating established activities.