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Presidential Green Initiatives Fund

The Augustana College Presidential Green Initiatives Fund, announced in October 2019, provides a means for students at Augustana College to initiate projects on campus that 1) address broader institutional goals in such areas as energy use, food management, facilities, transportation, and academic and business practices; and 2) lessen the college’s and/or surrounding communities’ environmental impact.

The Green Initiatives Fund prioritizes:

• Innovative pilot projects that have the potential to expand or create greater positive impact on campus (e.g., an initiative begun on a residence hall floor that is eventually adopted by the whole hall or all of Residential Life).

• Projects that help the college move toward a culture of reducing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, increasing biodiversity or advancing environmental justice.

• Projects that help increase awareness at the college or within local communities about best practices in environmental stewardship.

• Projects that beautify our campus by reducing erosion, improving stormwater management, introducing more native, resilient flora, reducing destructive invasive species.

• Projects that promote more locally grown foods.

• Projects that communicate to and educate the college community about the importance of collective and personal responsibility.

Types of projects also can include events, physical improvements to campus, performance materials, pilot projects or feasibility studies. Projects should require a one-time investment rather than a need for sustained investment.

Funding uses and availability

Proposals must contain budgets, deliverable goals and timelines for completion. Grants will range from $100-1,000 and will be paid up-front with the understanding that failure to account for all expenditures will require the recipient to repay the grant in full. Students are encouraged to use these dollars to supplement support from other funders.

Funds are not available for stipends or travel to conferences.

How to apply

Applications are being accepted for projects in the 2022-2023 academic year.

A selection committee was convened by Kai Swanson and includes students. Those seeking grants are encouraged to consult with the Swanson before the submission of the grant. Each project should have the endorsement of a faculty member, though in some cases a staff member or local community member with direct ties to or experience with a proposed project may also be required.

Criteria for judging the proposals:

• Impact on environmental sustainability at Augustana or the broader community

• Degree of student leadership and involvement

• Education, outreach and behavior change – how many members of the Augustana community or local community are impacted

• Feasibility and accountability

The initial funding level for the Presidential Green Initiatives Fund is $10,000 from private donations and the president’s initiative funds. The college will add this fund to its fundraising priorities for future donor support.

Those interested should send questions and project ideas to Kai Swanson.