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Types of aid

Institutional scholarships

Merit-based scholarships and awards are a form of gift aid, awarded without regard for financial need, and do not need to be repaid. Augustana offers merit-based scholarships and awards based on demonstrated academic achievement, talent, program of interest and other criteria.

Scholarship information for prospective students

Scholarship information for returning students

Outside scholarships

Organizations and businesses often offer scholarships, which typically do not need to be repaid, to both currently enrolled and prospective students to help with college expenses. Students apply directly through the organization. See outside scholarships for more information.


Grants generally are awarded based on financial need and, like scholarships, are not repaid. Eligibility for most grants is based on information provided on the FAFSA and/or other institutional financial aid forms. Grants come from several sources, including the federal government, some states, the college and organizations.

Grant information


A loan is money you can borrow to help pay for college. Unlike grants and scholarships, loans must be repaid. Therefore, borrow only what is needed, seek outside scholarships and save summer earnings to reduce indebtedness. Apply for all eligible federal, state and institutional funds before borrowing.

Loan information

Student employment

Students planning to seek employment should contact the Office of Career Development in CORE in the Olin Center. Career counselors can help students find a job on or off campus.

More about student employment

Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

If you are a veteran of U.S. military service, an eligible active duty member of the military, or an eligible dependent, you may be eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Benefits.

Veteran Education Benefit information