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Outside scholarships

Organizations and businesses often offer scholarships, which typically do not need to be repaid, to currently enrolled and prospective students to help with college expenses. Students apply directly through the organization. Generally these "outside scholarships" are annual rather than four-year scholarships.

When applying for outside scholarships, use caution and do not provide personal information such as your birth date or Social Security number. Similarly, we recommend that you do not consider scholarship options/searches that request a fee.

Also consider the following when pursuing scholarships:

High school guidance office
Parents' employers
Local businesses
Banks and/or credit unions
Government agencies

Scholarship searches

A directory of widely used scholarship search engines.

Outside scholarships and your financial aid package

Outside scholarships are considered a resource toward meeting federal need (as determined by the FAFSA) and cost of attendance (COA).

Outside scholarships will be awarded/split evenly between fall and spring semesters and are not credited to your account until the check is received by Augustana College.

Typically, your other grants, scholarships, federal work study, and federal loans will not be reduced if you receive an outside scholarship. However, awards will be reduced if the total aid from all sources, including loans, work, scholarships and grants exceeds federal need and/or COA. In such a case, aid will be reduced beginning with work, followed by loans, institutional grants and finally scholarships.

Outside scholarships designated for tuition and fees only may result in grants and/or scholarships being reduced.