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Summer 2020 courses for alumni

Alumni of Augustana College alumni are invited to take part in certain online summer courses in 2020. 

Courses will run from June 1-June 26. The cost to audit a course is $1,200 each. If you would like to enroll in the course to earn academic credit, the cost is $2,300.

Available courses

ACCT-202-ONLN Principles of Managerial Accounting; Olivia Melton; prerequisites either ACCT 200 or ACCT 201

AFSP-201-ONLN Introduction to Africana Studies; Lauryn Lehman

ART-101-01 Drawing; Peter Xiao

ART-211-01 Painting 1; Peter Xiao

ART-228-ONLN Digital Photography; Kelvin Mason

ART-311-01 Painting II Peter Xiao; prerequisite ART 211

BIOL-380A-ONLN Basic Virology; Dara Wegman-Geedey;prerequisites BIOL210 or BIOL130

BIOL-380B-ONLN History of Biological Thought; Troy Larson;prerequisites BIOL200 and 210 OR BIOL130 and 140

BUSN-205-ONLN Business Communications; George Boone

BUSN-211-ONLN Business Statistics; Mamata Marme

BUSN-308-ONLN Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors; Bryce Palar

BUSN-321-ONLN Marketing; Hyeong-Gyu Choi

BUSN-331-ONLN Financial Management; Lina Zhou

COMM-360-ONLN Intercultural Communication;Katreena Alder

ECON-200-ONLN Principles of Economics; Tristan Coughlin

ECON-345-ONLN The Economics of Money and Banking; Chris Marmé; prerequisite ECON 200

ENCW-203-ONLN Writing Creative Non-Fiction; Jason Peters

ENGL-310-01 Adolescent Literature; Katie Hanson

GEOG-273-ONLN Intro GIS for Natural Sciences; Reuben Heine

GRD-222-ONLN Typography; Vickie Phipps

MJMC-381-ONLN Media in Society; Nicholas Benson

MUSC-101-ONLN Introduction to Music; Dawn Farmer

PHIL-101-ONLN Knowing & Being; Deke Gould

PHIL-103-ONLN Social Ethics; Roman Bonzon

POLS-344-ONLN Politics in the Middle East; Mariano Magahaes

PSYC-412-01 Clincal & Counseling Psychology; Christopher Moyer; prerequisite PSYC 100

PUBH-273-01 Reproductive Justice: Perspectives on Policies, Practices, and Public Health; Lena Hann

WGSS-340-ONLN Global Masculinities; Umme Al-Wazedi

Detailed course descriptions are available by using the "Search for Sections" tool in Arches. Do not log in as an alumnus; instead, click the yellow "Search for Sections" icon.

To submit an application and read more information about this offering, see Augustana Adult Community Programs.

For more information, contact Liesl Fowler, registrar, 309-794-7277.