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Massive bee die-offs hitting the QCA

Tierney Brosius, assistant professor of biology, explains why the loss of bees means declining food security. “I would say about 50% if not three-quarters of the products on the shelves in the grocery store would be negatively impacted by a drop in pollinators overall,” she told KWQC News. “Unfortunately, it is a lot to do with us. It’s a combination of habitat loss, nutritional issues.”

Midnight breakfast

Midnight Breakfast, served with good humor

At Midnight Breakfast, faculty and staff volunteer to cook, serve and wash dishes for tired but giddy students. Dennis Norling, an instructor in business administration, said, “Maybe it’s akin to gallows humor, but whatever finals anxiety they may have is all but invisible. They are ebullient. The food is free and their teachers are dishing out eggs instead of tricky questions.”

Ben Ryan  Mark Roth Hunter Hill

In the front row as a faculty mentor

When Jared Schroeder signed up to be the faculty mentor for the men's basketball team, he thought he was merely Volunteer volunteering to provide a bridge between academic and athletics. But that was only part of the job.

Eddy Mabry Diversity Award winners announced

A poem regarding the struggles of the members of non-binary, trans community as well as an essay about the pop culture representation of Latin American people took first and second place of The Eddy Mabry Diversity Award.

AAC&U Senior Inquiry

Augustana one of eight schools to work with AAC&U

Augustana College is one of eight institutions working with the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) on an initiative aimed at integrative learning and preparing students for their capstones and signature work. All Augustana students work on at least one Senior Inquiry project that integrates their learning experiences into a culminating project.

Ashley Hoskins, Alexa Florence, Sarah Baxter and Valaree Piepe

Myatt, Baxter '14 at work in 'The Way West'

Two people with Augustana connections are involved with "The Way West," opening this weekend at New Ground Theatre in Davenport. It's directed by Christina Myatt, secretary for the college theatre department, and Sarah Baxter '14, has a leading role. "It's a classic family dysfunction show," said Myatt. "The playwright has chosen to put together Westward expansion as a good analogy of this family's financial troubles."

Gerbers recognized for philanthropic support

Augustana College today named its Center for Student Life in honor of Murry and Cindy Gerber of Pittsburgh. The building will be called The Gerber Center in honor of the Gerbers' philanthropic support of the college. They have donated $9.8 million to Augustana, placing them at the top of the list of individuals who have made substantial gifts to the college.

Video: Energy CEO shares his path to success

Murry S. Gerber '75 delivers a talk about his path to success in the energy industry. Gerber was CEO of EQT Corporation from 1998 to 2010, chairman from 2000 until 2010, and executive chairman until his retirement in 2011.

Leach '83 appointed interim vice president

Augustana has appointed former Tribune executive Tom Leach '83 as interim vice president for finance and administration. Leach will assume his duties in June. David English, the college's current vice president for finance and administration, will leave the college at the end of June for a position at Denison University.

Four controversial kids' books from the '50s

The 1950s was a hinge decade for noteworthy and nation-changing civil rights events. Meanwhile, there was also a revolution brewing in book stores and public libraries. A handful of children's books were focal points of the movement toward integration. Dr. Nancy Huse, professor emerita of English at Augustana, says, "Literature acts as a change agent when a process of interpretation involves various kinds of readers over time and in different media."

Weber '09 helps lead $138.5 million medical center expansion

Bo Weber '09 is project engineer on $138.5 million project at Genesis Medical Center expansion. She got an undergraduate degree in physics at Augustana and then moved to Iowa State in civil engineering. Her interest was piqued when she job-shadowed a plant engineer on a job site.

WVIK News awarded for 2014 reporting

Members of the WVIK News team won nine awards in Illinois and Iowa news competitions in 2014—the most of any radio news department in the Quad Cities.

Hoffmann '15 wins Fifty for the Future award

Augustana senior Mark Hoffmann has been selected as a winner of the Fifty for the Future award by the Illinois Technology Foundation. He is a native of Lansing, Ill., majoring in pre-medicine and engineering physics and minoring in mathematics and computer science. Fifty for the Future encourages education and industry to support students who aspire to achievement in technology.

Hilton-Morrow publishes textbook on sexual identity, media

Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow, associate dean and associate professor of communication studies at Augustana College, recently completed a book introducing readers to sexuality, media and popular culture.

Geifman prize winners announced

The Center for the Study of Judaism and Jewish Culture has chosen recipients of the yearly Geifman "Responses to the Holocaust" Prize. They will receive their awards at 7 p.m. April 20 in Wallenberg Hall. Guest speaker will be Holocaust survivor Irving Roth.

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