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Printing Policy

Laser printing for academic and personal use is available in academic computing labs. Printing for commercial use is not permitted in college computing labs. ITS does not support personal printers.
Large print jobs, posters, departmental or student organization printing, or multiple copies (i.e., signs, newsletters, or flyers) should be directed to the Copy Center in Sorensen Hall. Student worker accounts should be used to print work-related documents only. To contact the copy center for more information: (309) 794-7301 or
Printing credit may be monitored at any time at Costs of employee printouts are attributed to their department. All students are automatically granted a complimentary printing credit amount of $50 per academic year. All lab printers have a per-page cost associated with the printer, which will automatically deduct from your account.  Current printing values for students are noted below:

Printer Type Cost per page Pages available for annual $50 credit Pages available for $5 recharge card
Black and white, per side $0.02 2500 250
Color, per side $0.06 833 83

When remaining printing credit falls to $10.00, an e-mail notification will be sent to students as a warning. When remaining credit reaches zero, the system will send another e-mail notification and printing will be temporarily disabled until more credit is added.  Credit may be added by purchasing a refill card in $5 increments at the College Center Bookstore or the Tredway Library Circulation Desk.
At the end of the academic year, any remaining credit is waived.  Credit for paper jams or other errors may be requested at
If you have questions about the printing policy, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x7293 or at

Revised 2/20/18

Image of the label on the Color copier in ITS.
Image of the label on the Color copier in ITS. There is a label like this on all of our printers/MFPs with OMC's number. Make sure to note the "B number" when you call OMC for help.

OMC vs ITS printing support

Augustana has partnered with Office Machine consultants to support our printers. So who should you contact if you have a problem? Follow the guidelines below and if you need to call OMC, please make sure to note the "B number" on the printer's blue OMC label.

OMC responsibilities

  • Printer failure
  • Quality issue
  • User training needs for printing
  • Toner questions
  • Software or features running int he printer firmware (Touchscreen Kyocera or Papercut client)
  • Support for billing
  • Relocation of large MFPs

ITS responsibilities

  • Network cable and routing
  • IP/queue creation and assignment
  • Standard client configuration (driver installs)
  • Simple relocations of printers within buildings
  • Papercut administrative functions
  • Print server software updates

Revised 9/26/2018