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Parking on campus regulations

Regulations are applicable to all motor-driven vehicles: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds.

The Facilities Services Office accepts payments of parking fines, makes parking lot assignments, and distributes parking permits and vehicle registrations. The Office of Public Safety and Police enforces parking regulations and issues temporary and visitor parking permits. Both offices are in the basement of Sorensen Hall.

All Augustana College students, faculty and staff who park a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle, whether or not they obtain a parking permit. A free registration permit must be obtained from Facilities Services and displayed on the vehicle.

All Augustana parking lots require an Augustana parking permit at all times. It is the responsibility of the permit-holder to properly display the permit. Vehicles with an incorrectly displayed or missing permit may be ticketed.

All Faculty/Staff lots are enforced from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays. All residential lots are enforced 24 hours, seven days a week. There are three exceptions:

  • Lot Q (by the Dance Studio) is a faculty/staff lot at all times.
  • Lot A1 (by Seminary Hall) is for Admissions visitors at all times
  • The area of Lot K designated for patrons of PepsiCo is limited to hours when PepsiCo is open.

Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone with the appropriate permit for the lot. It remains the responsibility of the permit-holder to find a legal parking space. There are no reserved parking spots for general parking.

Augusta College reserves the right to restrict parking access in certain lots during college functions or to facilitate operations. Whenever possible, permit-holders will be notified in advance when such occasions occur.

Applications, payments and refunds

Application for parking permits should be directed to: Facilities Services Office, Parking - Trisha, 639 38th St., Rock Island, Ill., 61201-2296.

Augustana offers a standard yearly permit for $220 (includes J term), and a semester permit for $120 (does not include J term). (Inquire in the Facilities Office about partial-term permits.)

Payment entitles individuals access to parking lots but does not guarantee that a parking space will always be available. Individuals with vehicles bearing temporary plates will be issued a temporary permit until permanent plates are obtained. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to provide Augustana with the updated plate information.

Replacement permits can be issued when a vehicle changes ownership. Current permit(s) should be removed. The old permit should be brought to the Facilities Services at the time a replacement permit is requested.

Refund policy

$220 - Full academic year permit

  • Full refund within 31 days of first day of classes
  • $100 refund for the remainder of fall semester
  • $50 refund for first two weeks into spring semester
  • No refund after second week of spring semester

$120- single semester permit

  • Full refund within 20 days of first day of classes
  • No refund thereafter

Partial semester permit

Full refund within seven days from purchase; no refund thereafter.

City parking ordinance

A city ordinance requires cars parked on streets to be moved within 72 hours. If not moved within the 72-hour period, cars may be ticketed and/or towed by the city. A fee established by the city's towing service must be paid in full to obtain a release of the vehicle. The fee increases daily. Students with active permits should park in college lots whenever non-restricted spaces are available.

The Augustana Office of Public Safety is authorized to issue City of Rock Island parking tickets in the area from 5th Avenue to 14th Avenue and 30th Street to 40th Street. This includes campus parking lots. The Office of Public Safety may issue city citations for fire lane; city ordinance lots handicapped parking violations, and posted no-parking violations, on campus. A city citation is payable either through the mail with the envelope provided with the citation or in person at the Rock Island City Hall.

General rules

1. All Augustana College students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles properly and display a permit in the proper location. Unregistered vehicles with outstanding parking fines will be assessed a $50 service fee if the license plate number is traced for identification. It is the responsibility of the permit-holder to report any changes in vehicle plate information to the Office of Public Safety promptly. Failure to do so may result in the plate being traced through the state and the owner assessed for the service fee.

2. Parking is prohibited in campus fire lanes at all times. There is no "grace" period. Violators will be ticketed and face the possibility of having the vehicle towed.

3. Blocking or obstructing traffic in parking areas, service drives, or loading docks is prohibited.

4. The speed limit on all campus property is 15 mph.

5. Motorists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians while driving on campus property.

6. All current permits remain the property of Augustana College and may not be given, loaned, or sold to other parties.

7. Full price may be charged for lost/stolen permits.

8. All general rules are enforced at all times every day, including student holidays.

9. Students may not park in designated Faculty/Staff lots from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays. Visitors to the general campus may obtain a special parking pass from the Office of Public Safety. Resident students who host guests must obtain a visitor's parking pass for their guests from the Office of Public Safety. All students are responsible for ensuring that guests abide by the parking regulations. Guest parking violations will be assigned to the host's account.

10. Loading docks and service areas may be used only while materials are actively being loaded or unloaded. Unattended vehicles parking in loading docks and service areas will be ticketed.

11. Faculty/staff and students are restricted from parking in any space designated as being reserved for special purposes.

12. Registered students and faculty/staff members are not allowed to utilize designated visitor parking areas.

13. Driving and/or parking on sidewalks or grass is not allowed at any time.

14. All motorcycles must be parked in a designated parking space in a parking lot.

15. All scooters and mopeds must be parked in a bike rack when not in use.

16. Motorized vehicles such as mopeds and scooters may not be used on sidewalks at any time.

Handicapped parking

Several locations on campus have been designated as available for handicapped parking. These parking spaces are clearly marked and are strictly reserved for individuals displaying valid state-issued handicapped permits or vehicle plates. Violators will be ticketed. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to abide by all state regulations regarding the use of state-issued permits.

Inoperable or stalled vehicles

Vehicles which are parked in violation of college regulations and cannot be moved because of mechanical difficulties must be reported by the owner and logged by the Office of Public Safety. Arrangements to have the stalled vehicle moved must be made within 48 hours.

Parking committee

The parking committee makes a recommendation for parking changes. The chief of Public Safety chairs the committee. Correspondence may be directed to the committee c/o Office of Public Safety, Sorensen Hall.

Parking permit

Parking permits must be displayed at all times. If an alternative vehicle is used, a temporary pass must be obtained from the Office of Public Safety.

Parking fines

Parking tickets will be issued to any vehicles found violating the rules and regulations set forth here. The ticket form provides information pertaining to payment. Failure to find a ticket on a vehicle does not invalidate the fine. Unregistered vehicles with outstanding fines are routinely traced for identification through the State of Illinois and assessed a $50 charge. Open parking citations paid within five days of the receipt of the citation will receive a $5 discount upon payment.

Parking fines are $25 per violation with the following exceptions:

Parking in lots with no permit, $50 per violation.

Parking in posted fire lanes, $25 per violation.

Parking in handicapped spots without proper permit, $350 per violation.

Parking in spaces designated as being reserved for Residential Life staff, campus visitor space, or athletic recruit space, will result in a $50 fine.

Fines will be applied to students' accounts if not paid within 15 days.

Ticket appeals

Appeals must be submitted within 15 calendar days from the receipt of the ticket(s).

Appeal forms may be obtained from the Office of Public Safety or from the Dean of Students. Completed forms should be returned to the Office of Public Safety Dispatch Office. Appeals are reviewed each term and students are informed in writing of the results of the appeal. Decisions of the student appeal committee are final.

Permit Classifications

Vehicles bearing designated permits may park in lots as listed below:

B permit lots: B, G

F permit lots: F, G and P

J permit lots: J, G and P

K permit lots: K, G and P

L permit lots: L, G and P

M permit lots: M, G and P

N permit lots: N, G and P

O permit lots: O, G and P

S permit lots: S, G and P (S lot is the overflow lot located across 30th street from Thorson-Lucken Field)

TLA permit may park at the designated house and lots G and P

LC permit may park in the following lots: C, E, G and P

Vehicles bearing term or partial-term permits may park at the area designated on the permit or in lots G and P

Regulation changes

The Office of Public Safety reserves the right to alter parking procedures in order to make improvements and carry out the responsibilities of maintaining order. Faculty, staff, and students will be informed by public notice of any changes in regulations and will be responsible for complying with new rules or procedures when implemented.

Temporary parking/vehicle

If an alternative vehicle is used, a temporary pass must be obtained from the Office of Public Safety.


Booting policy

Unregistered vehicle(s) which are located on campus property may be booted if their owner has failed to contest or pay two or more parking violations (or $75 in fines). To obtain a release of the vehicle the owner must call 309-794-7278 before 4 p.m. to arrange for payment of all current and accumulated fines, including a $50 per day booting fee, to obtain a release of the vehicle.

Habitual offenders who have accrued a total of six parking violations during any academic year will, when deemed necessary, will have their vehicle booted. The fee for removal of the boot is $100.

Excessive parking citations
Vehicle owners who receive multiple parking citations will be notified via email of the potential consequences of receiving further citations prior to their reaching the six-ticket limit whenever possible. Vehicle owners who surpass the six citations limit may be booted. There will be a $100 fee for removal of the boot and the owner must pay all open tickets.

The forging of, or being in possession of a stolen permit is prohibited. Vehicle owners found in possession of a stolen or forged permit will be referred to the Dean of Student for consideration of judicial action. Parking permits are non-transferable.

Theft and damage

Parking permits do not include or imply security protection. Augustana College assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles or their contents. Vehicles should be locked at all times

Towing policy

Vehicles of repeat violators and vehicles which are determined to be obstructing traffic, parking in a fire lane, being in an unsafe condition, or being stored without the permission of the Office of Public Safety are subject to being towed. All charges and expenses are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Visitors and vendors

Visitors may obtain a free parking pass/ permit for restricted use which can be obtained at the Office of Public Safety. Employees and students are not considered visitors and may not display a visitor permit. Vehicles used by visitors, relatives, and vendors of Augustana College are subject to the rules and regulations stated in this guide.

By arrangement with the Office of Public Safety, a college guest may be given permission to park in certain specific locations. The host should contact the Office of Public Safety to obtain a temporary parking permit.
Students are responsible for parking citations acquired by guests and unpaid citations will be assigned to the student's account.