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Viking Score Class of 2019

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Core has enhanced the Viking Score

In order for you to make strides toward your career success, and a Viking Score of 100, we have modified the requirements for those graduating in 2019. Your goal for your senior year is to earn 40 Viking Score points by April 30.

The new system will help you gain the skills, experiences and self-knowledge necessary by staying on track for your future career success.

Points will be added to your current Viking Score once you complete the following activities:

• Develop a clear and specific career goal by completing the Career Goal Activity and share it with your career coach (6 pts)

• Discuss with your career coach whether graduate/professional school is right for you (4 pts)

• Complete your Handshake Profile (2 pts)

• Complete requirements for an internship, research or other career-related experience (10 pts)

• Develop a complete LinkedIn Profile (6 pts)

• Attend a career fair; several are offered annually such as ProFair or I-74 Grad Fair (4 pts)

• Meet with a career mentor for a resume review (4 pts)

• Write a cover letter to be customized for each position or program; have it reviewed (4 pts)

• Conduct at least one informational interview with alumni or professionals in your career field of interest (6 pts)

• Write a personal statement for post-grad service or graduate/professional school; have it reviewed by your career coach (4 pts)

• Develop your interviewing skills through interview prep or mock interview with your career coach or career professional (6 pts)

• Develop and practice your elevator pitch with your career coach (4 pts)

• Discuss your interviewing attire with a career professional for feedback (4 pts)

• Research graduate/professional school programs in your career field of choice (4 pts)

• Meet with your career coach to develop your post grad plan (6 pts)

• Gather names and contact information for people you have asked to serve as references or write recommendations on LinkedIn (4 pts)

• Develop a target list of organizations (4 pts)

• Meet with your career coach to discuss progress on or confirm your post grad plan (6 pts)