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Augustana College Alumni Association Board meeting May 8, 2020

Augustana College Alumni Association Board meeting Friday, May 8, 2020 - Zoom Meeting

Attendees: Angie Sharp, Jake Glimco, Hannah Sundwall, Dan Allen, Zubair Ansari, Jane Baker, Marlisa Barrett, Lindsey Cannata, Elizabeth Choporis, Tom Collins, Loryann Eis, Brent Ericson, Zak George, Rich Jensen, Sarah Lickus, Julie Dreixler, Darien Marion-Burton, Destany Metcalf, Kyle Nelson, Michael Ricaurte, Karen Roloff, Vanessa Schmitt, Lori Spencer, Greg Stopka 

Administrative Staff: Kelly Noack 

The Augustana College Alumni Association Board of Directors business meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by President Angie Sharp. 

President Sharp reviewed Zoom guidelines, asking all members to stay on mute and use the chat function for questions or comments that will be monitored by Kelly Noack.

President Sharp asked for any approval on the minutes from the Fall 2019 meeting. Michael Ricauarte made a motion to approve the minutes; the motion was seconded by Darien Marion-Burton. President Sharp asked for any discussion on the minutes from the Fall 2019 meeting. Karen Roloff objected to the motion due to spelling, grammar and contextual errors. Lori Spencer amended the motion to approve the minutes subject to edits and corrections. Motion passed on majority vote.

Alumni Board Strategic Plan Discussion

President Sharp reviewed the Alumni Board Strategic Plan. There were no updates or revisions made to the Strategic Plan.

It was recommended that the Alumni Board Strategic Plan is reviewed by the incoming Executive Board and revisions be made with updated goals.

Philanthropy Report (Chair: Michael Ricuarte) 

Cindy and Murry Gerber reached out to the college with a match of any gifts up to $1 million for a total of $2 million for the entire challenge. The Gerber Challenge will be in place of “A Day of Giving”. 

Stoles of Gratitude, which was started in 2019, will continue in 2020. Graduation will be virtual with an in person commencement the Sunday of Homecoming Weekend. The Board will be asked to cover at least one stole, at a cost of $15. There will be a campaign launched in early June. 

A Google document will be produced to brainstorm virtual fundraising ideas for the college.

Career Development Report (Chair: Julie Dreixler) 

Viking Connections was launched in late February. To date, there are 40 connectors listed on the Viking Connectors page on the Augustana website. The Career Development group has teamed up with CORE to help promote the program to students. The committee is working on social media, newsletters and emails for ways to market to students and alumni. 

The website needs a searchable database so it is user friendly. 

The committee is exploring welcome packets to send to alumni when they sign up to be a Viking Connector. Information in the packet would include tips, names of faculty, resources at the college, etc. The committee is suggesting a survey to send to connectors and students to ensure we are meeting the needs of both parties. 

The Career Development Committee is exploring speed mentoring sessions, webinars, and virtual ideas now that Viking Connectors is launched.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report (Chair: Tom Collins)

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is brainstorming ways to be a more inclusive campus for everyone with a common goal; to live, learn and have fun together. 

Augustana College hosted Dr. Yusef Salaam, one of the “Central Park Five”, in March. The event was to commemorate the Black Power Symposium organized in 1969 by students in Augustana’s Afro-American Society, which now is called the Black Student Union. The College should host additional events similar to this event, focusing on social justice, in partnership with the multicultural office on campus. 

The committee is recommending the College create a create a meet-and-greet for minority students during Freshman Orientation. In addition, give minority students a list of resources when arriving to campus to aid in retention of students. 

The Board should reach out to minority alumni to keep them connected to the college and connect them with current students. In addition, the committee is recommending an increase in the number of diverse candidates for the Alumni Awards and Nominations.

Affinity Report (Chair: Elizabeth Choporis) 

Elizabeth Choporis is stepping down as chair of the Affinity Committee. The Committee is looking for a new chair to take over effective immediately. Kelly Noack reported on the Affinity Committee report. 

The first-year student event has been tabled until mid-summer. Given the uncertainty of what the fall will look like, the parameters of the event are uncertain. 

Augustana Alumna, Shelby Olson, hosted a webinar series on resumes, cover letters, interviewing and the job search. The Alumni office is going to continue to host webinars once a month.  

Since the first-year event is being tabled, the suggestion was made to host a letter writing campaign to the Class of 2024. The committee will continue the conversation with the Alumni Relations office.

Awards and Nominations (Chair: Sarah Lickus) 

There are 26 returning board members for the next term and 2 board members not returning. 

Outgoing Board Members: Angie Sharp, 2008 and Tom Collins, 1972. 

Thank you for your service to the Augustana College Alumni Association Board of Directors! 

Names of recommended new member applicants: 
David Barajas - 1986 - Rock Falls, IL  
Emily Jacobs - 2009 - Winfield, IL  
Greg Mason - 1985 - Phoenix, AZ  
Deetra Sallis - 1996 - Rockford, IL

Halmanot Dagnew - 2018 - Council Bluffs, IA 
Louise Thoreson - 1966 - 

Julie Dreixler made a motion to accept the presented recommended nominations; the motion was seconded by Tom Collins, and approved by voice vote by the Board with no objections. 

The new members to the board will be contacted. 

The names of recommended award recipients: 

Outstanding Achievement - Nancy Anderson Hamming - 1970
Swanson Humanitarian - Justin Hansen - 2004 
Finest Under Forty - Justin List - 2002 
Honorary Alumna - Greg Giovane 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Jerry Jones - 1991 
Viking Vocation - Mark Johnson - 1991 

Tom Collins made a motion to accept the presented recommended Alumni Awards; the motion was seconded by Destany Metcalf. President Sharp asked for discussion on the award recipients. Dan Allen opened discussion on the Honorary Alumna award and recommended Grey Giovanni for the award. Sarah Lickus moved to award Grey Giovanni the Honorary Alumna award; the motion was seconded by Dan Allen. Karen Roloff abstained from the vote. The motion was approved by majority vote by the Board. 

Motion to approve the updated slate - Jake Glimco; the motion was seconded by Darien Marion-Burton. The motion was approved by majority vote by the Board. 

The award recipients will be contacted. 

The committee is recommending the formation of an ad-hoc task force to engage those applications that could not be selected to be a member of the Alumni Board. This would also help the Board understand who is committed to the group. 

The Recommended Slate of Candidates for Executive Board was presented:

President - Jake Glimco 
Vice President - Hannah Sundwall 
Secretary - Michael Ricaurte 

Destany Metcalf made a motion to accept the presented slate of candidates; the motion was seconded by Tom Collins, and approved by voice vote by the Board with no objections.

Other Business 

The Fall Board Meeting will take place on October 8-9. Commencement will be on October 11 at 2:00 p.m. at TaxSlayer Center, Moline. There will be special opportunities for the Board leading up to and during Homecoming. 

The Alumni Relations office to brainstorm several ideas regarding the ad-hoc committee. Kelly Noack will work with Michael Ricuarte on the committee and next steps. 

Karen Roloff made a motion to adjourn; the motion was seconded by Michael Ricuarte, and approved by the board. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.