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Sinoidal Ensemble to perform Spanish music March 13

The Sinoidal Ensemble will perform a program of 20-21st century Spanish pieces at 8 p.m. March 13 on campus.

Darwin Week March 16-20: birds, games, concert

The Darwin Club will sponsor Darwin Week March 16-20, commemorating the 205th birthday of English naturalist Charles Darwin. The week will include craft sales in Brew by the Slough, Survival of the Fittest Games, campus bird walk Nature Movie Night and the annual Chuck Fest concert.

Edmondson's book discusses positioning for success

Dr. Michael Edmondson's, new book, 'Marketing Your Value: 9 Steps to Navigate Your Career,' comes on the heels of the launch of Augustana College's new approach for positioning its graduates for success, CORE. Dr. Edmondson is associate vice president of career development, and the book is available in paperback and as an e-book.

jacob self

Jake Self-MIS

Lacrosse brought Jake Self to Augustana, but it's been a powerful combination of his two majors that has defined his college experience. Self will graduate in May with a double major in accounting and management information systems and go to work for Deere and Co.

Zeta Phi Kappa Greek life success

Greek life can lay foundation for success

Learning to function within an organization is a highly valued asset in any business, or perhaps any enterprise in life. And one of the best places to learn those skills lies within the world of Greek fraternities and sororities.

Augustana to offer $150,000 to student entrepreneurs

There's no roadmap for entrepreneurs, but several new resources at Augustana, including $150,000 in donor-funded grants, will help students better transfer their college experiences to life as an entrepreneur.

Denver internship research

Students combine research and recreation in Denver

The Quad Cities is a rich location for internships and research. But some students want the added experience of practicing in their field while living in another part of the world. The Augustana in Denver internship program gives them that.The city is home to many alumni, providing students a strong career and internship network, and occasional invitations to dinner.

'12 grad directs new version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Kailey Ackermann '12 directs a new version of "Little Red Riding Hood" (in which the wolf is secretly a vegan) for Davenport Junior Theatre. “I am inspired by the dedication of the kids,” she said. “I can tell that they really want to be there and really want to work. Seeing young people with that kind of motivation is really inspiring."

 ADs students

How a Pizza Hut problem calls on the liberal arts

Augustana students are thinking a lot about pizza, but not about how tasty it is. They're trying to figure out how to get more people to order it online. They're the Advertising Developers group, which competes in the annual National Student Advertising Competition.

Animal handler Stump '04 specializes in giraffes

Kristina Stump, an animal handler at Niabi Zoo, has a special relationship with the zoo’s three giraffes. A 2004 biology graduate from Augustana College, Stump has worked full-time at Niabi for nine years. Her job requires patience but offers plenty of variety. “There’s always something unexpected,” she said. “Also, I really enjoy the relationship you can have with the animals. Like with the bull giraffe; there’s a lot of trust there and it takes a long time to build that up.”

Jazz Ensemble performs Duke Ellington note-for-note

The Augustana Jazz Ensemble feature the music of Duke Ellington in the concert "Beyond Category" at 8 p.m. Feb. 6, 2015, in Centennial Hall. 

Augustana introduces entrepreneurship certificate

Augustana introduces its Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies, available to students of all majors upon completion of four required courses and a related hands-on learning experience.

Groundskeeper keeps campus green, clean

Not too many people walking around Augustana’s campus would notice the small chips in the stairs, but Chris Woods does. As one of seven groundskeepers on the 115-acre campus, the Rock Island man tackles big projects, such as clearing snow off of the many walks, hills and sidewalks, to smaller ones, such as filling in holes in stairs.

Learning history on stage: 'Katrina: the K Word'

Students in a 300-level play production class will bring to life a milestone of U.S. history they probably can't remember: Hurricane Katrina, which killed nearly 1,500 people and launched a national discussion about government failures to respond. "Katrina: the K Word" will be performed Feb. 6-8.

Denise Yoder: Happy in anonymity and in the spotlight

During the day in her job as head athletic trainer at Augustana College, Denise Yoder toils in modest anonymity in her corner of Carver Center that has been turned into a state-of-the-art training facility. But once the tape, ice bags and trainer’s shingle are put away for the day, she usually can be found under the bright lights in local theatrical productions.

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