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Grade Point Calculator

Augustana College provides official grade point average to students through their secure login to Arches. Students may see the overall GPA and the major GPA displayed in their My Progress report. The overall grade point average is on the official transcript.

There are times when students want to calculate an estimate of an anticipated grade point average based on courses they currently are taking. There are two reasons to do this:

1) You can see where you are during the term and doing a rough estimate can help you get a sense of how your individual courses build your term GPA and how to manage your time to maximize your chances to get your best grades;

2) You can also see how your term GPA will affect your overall GPA.

Grade Point Calculator

REMEMBER:  Your official GPA is on your My Progress report.

Augustana does not maintain the Boston College GPA calculator or website and takes no responsibility for the content or the results produced. Students should be sure to reference the college catalog section on Grading Policies to calculate an accurate grade point average.