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Registration hints and information


At this time, all fall 2021 courses will be delivered in an in-person (face-to-face) modality only. There are no plans to offer remote, hybrid or online courses at Augustana this fall. 

Registration tips and tricks

Updated September 2021

For all important enrollment dates and deadlines, check the Academic Calendar.


Need Quick Help? Use these helpful tools to get registered during your registration window

Complete instructions on using self-service with all screenshots (PDF)

Summary Instructions on using self-service registration (PDF)                    

Video instructions on using self-service registration.

If you encounter issues after reviewing the steps in each of the resources above, please do the following:

  1. send an email to 
  2. include a screenshot of the entire screen including your browser
  3. reference which step from the first document above that is giving you an error
  4. someone will respond within one business day 


Before your advising meeting and before your registration time

  • Check your registration date/time and current restrictions on Arches under My Registration Information
  • Record your registration date/time in your Google calendar.
  • Double and triple check that your bills and fines have been paid.
  • Be sure that you see your advisor and all restrictions have been lifted. 
  • Update your emergency contact information in Arches. 
  • Using the New Self-Service Registration search for courses using the Course Catalog
  • Check to see if any of your sections have odd meeting times.
  • Be sure your courses do not need permission of the instructor. 
  • Double check courses for required lab sections.
  • Double check for pre-requisites.
  • Prepare your shopping cart before the day of registration.
  • Place many back up choices in your shopping cart, especially multiple sections of the same course. 
  • Check to see that internet connections, home wireless and your device are functioning before your registration time

At your registration meeting with your advisor

  • Run an audit of your record using Evaluate Program and print a hard copy to review at your meeting.
  • Have a list of courses ready that are offered for your major that you might be interested in taking.
  • A list of courses that are offered to fulfill general education requirement that you are interested in taking.
  • A list of possible FYI courses you might take (if applicable).
  • Notify your advisor of any academic, social or emotional struggles you are having. The advisor can help connect you with available resources on campus.
  • Inquire about the required courses needed for next term (i.e. FYI, major, etc.).
  • Look for potential general education courses of interest that you need according to your program evaluation.
  • Double-check with your advisor  to see that your plan will not place you overload for the year.
  • Be sure you and your advisor have talked about 5-6 different options for coursework that could be taken next term.
  • Use the Daily Schedule Grid to plan out your week, include alternates.
  • Organize all your registration and advising materials in one folder.

Prior to your registration time

  • Be sure you updated your Emergency Contact Information in Arches. 
  • Have your advising folder ready.
  • Double-check My Registration Information to be sure all restrictions were lifted.
  • Using the New Self-Service Registration search for open sections.
  • Place all options for enrollment into your cart, this will show up as "planned" - you are not "registered" for these
  • Monitor course enrollments in Arches and as courses close, make plans to consider alternatives and place these in your cart as well. 

At your registration time

  • Register for one section at a time using the New Self-Service Registration (additional instructions and hints below). 
  • For courses that require a lab, register just for that pair of sections with no other courses.
  • If a course is closed you can check to see if it has a waitlist. 
  • Register for a full-time credit load (12 credits), you can always make changes later.
  • If you need to add coursework that cannot be accomplished through Arches, you can submit an online add request form
  • NOTE! In self-service there is a difference between planned (meaning you plan to take the course and you have put it in your cart) and registered (you chose register and the course has been placed on your enrollment record for next term). A yellow message stating a course has been planned does not mean you are registered for the course. 
  • After you register, logout of Arches and go here to check your schedule. 
  • If you don't see your courses, you are not registered.
  • It is your responsibility to complete this step to confirm your enrollment for the next term. 

Common errors and issues that will stop your successful self-service registration and how to address them

  • Have you updated your emergency contact information? This is required at least every 360 days and can be updated in Arches. Be sure you click the "CONFIRM" button before exiting the form. 
  • Do you have an active restriction that will stop registration? You can find a list of common restrictions in the catalog and can view your active restrictions in My Registration Information link in Arches
  • When adding and dropping the same course (changing sections) you cannot have more than one section of the same course in your cart. 
  • Be sure you view the video and read the instructions linked below

Complete instructions on using self-service with all screenshots (PDF)

Summary Instructions on using self-service registration (PDF)                    

Video instructions on using self-service registration.

  • Did you leave your sections in your cart but forgot to register for them? Be sure you search the catalog, select sections for your cart (planned) and then register. Always check your schedule when you are finished to see registration in each course is finalized.  
  • A couple of hints when adding/dropping sections with a co-requisite:

         1) Using the Course Catalog function on the left menu, add the new lab section to the cart. 

         2) A notice will pop up that you are already registered for the section, but it will allow you to proceed. 

         3) Navigate to Register using left menu. 

         4) Select "drop" for the section you want to drop. 

         5) A new Register and Drop window pops up and choose the options.

Need more help? 

  • Plan ahead by following the guidance provided above - being prepared for a variety of scenarios will serve you well.  
  • Review the tutorials and documentation.
  • Reach out to your advisor for assistance.
  • Contact the Advising Office or come to drop-in ours 2:00-4:00 in Olin 320.
  • Additional Hints and Registration Information available on the Advising webpage
  • See the Registration Polices and Procedures page for important information.
  • See additional resources below.

Final notes

  • Students will be e-mailed their registration details by the end of week 9.  
  • Students should check to be sure that all registration restrictions are lifted prior to registration.
  • Students may check their personal registration information through a link found on Arches.