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Enrollment and Graduation Candidacy Verification

Enrollment Verification and Graduation Candidacy Verification processing will typically be completed within five business days. Please note that longer processing times may occur around breaks and peak times, such as the months leading up to graduation.

Enrollment Verification

Current students who need to verify enrollment may request this in two ways:

1. Students who do not have a specific form required for verification should visit Arches through their secure login, click on the link called Enrollment Verification Request under the student menu and complete the request. There is no charge for the standard form. 

2. Students who have a specific form that must be completed should route the form to the Office of the Registrar room 109 Bahls Campus Leadership Center for processing during business hours. Please be prepared to show your current student ID.  

Verifications will include the number of credits hours the student is enrolled, so students need to verify their own registration status in Arches before completing the request. Students need to be registered for 12 credits to be full time. Newly enrolling, first-time students may request verification once they have completed registration as a full-time student for their first semester as noted in #1 above.

Third parties (parents, employers, scholarship foundations, graduate programs, agencies, etc.) who need enrollment verification must request this service through the National Student Clearinghouse

Degree Candidacy Verification

Currently enrolled seniors who have applied to graduate for an eligible term may request a letter confirming their candidacy to be sent to future employers, graduate schools, insurance companies and scholarship organizations. Letters may not be sent to students or parents email or mailing address. If students need to confirm their own candidacy, they should refer to the automated email they received when they first applied to graduate or consult the graduate candidacy list on the website.

Candidacy letters will contain the term of intended graduation, all current majors/minors and the date the degree will be awarded once all outstanding requirements are complete. The letter will be produced on college letterhead with the college seal and the original signature of the College Registrar. Letters will be sent via USPS to an address provided by the student or emailed with a PDF attachment (seal and signature not available on PDF.)

The degree will not post to the student record until all requirements are complete, final grades have been verified and the graduation processes has posted the degree to the record.

Use this form to request a Graduation Candidacy Verification letter

File uploads

Augustana does not participate in uploading files or forms to any third parties such as the Common Application or graduate school sites. Students are responsible for uploading their own documents to these sites. Students with specific enrollment verification forms needed for graduate schools, insurance or scholarships will need to bring those forms to the Office of the Registrar room 109 Bahls Campus Leadership Center for processing as noted under No. 2 above.