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Grading Guidelines & Information

As grades are submitted, students will see the courses disappear from the term schedule. Fall semester grades are due at noon on the Monday following exam week, J-term grades are due by noon (12:00 p.m.) on Thursday of the last week of classes, Spring semester grades are due at noon on Tuesday following exams and graduation.

Grades will be posted to Arches and will be considered official the day after grades are due. All students will be able to view grades at this time. As a reminder, there is a report for your grades on Arches. For security purposes, this will require an additional verification of your login credentials. 

Students needing an official transcript including your most recent grades should indicate "hold for final grades" at the time of the request in Arches. Requests without this notation will be sent without grades from this term. For more information about the processing times, see the Transcripts page.

Please note the Office of the Registrar cannot answer your questions about individual grades posted for particular courses. Campus policy prohibits faculty from discussing grades with anyone over the phone or emailing grades to students. Students with questions should contact the instructor and make an appointment to discuss the grade as it is convenient for the instructor.

For a complete list of grading policies, see the Grading Information in the college catalog.


End of Term Information for Students

Final Grades

As faculty enter final grades through the grading deadline, students will notice that the graded courses will drop off their current term schedule in Arches. The Office of the Registrar cannot answer questions about grades. Please also remember that the college privacy policy does not permit faculty to email grading information to students. If you have a question about a grade, please consult Moodle or contact the faculty member about setting up a meeting to discuss your questions or concerns in person. Please refer to the catalog for additional grading policies.


Final Transcripts

Students wishing to request a transcript that includes final grades for this term or the posting of a completed degree should mark "hold for final grades" at the time of the request in Arches. Grades will be considered final and available on Arches on the day after grades are due. Requests made before this date will not include final grades from this term. Please be aware that transcript processing takes additional time to process during peak times. See Transcript Information for details.

Finally, candidates for graduation who have additional questions should visit the Graduation Policies page.


End of Term Processing Information for Faculty

Final Grade Submission is done electronically in Arches under the faculty menu. Policies regarding grading and grade submission can be found in the College Catalog and the Faculty Handbook.

NOTE! The following information about IP grades has been added for our COVID-19 response and move to distance learning. 

In-Progress Grade End of Term Processes

In an effort to provide equity and consistency across the student body, the Student Response Team has created a Google Form in an effort to provide guidance on recommendations for how to handle end of term grading. Students are tracked in a Google sheet with their case manager (point of contact) when possible. If a student qualifies for the I or IP grade, a Starfish flag will be raised. A student is determined to be eligible by the team if they have experienced significant disruption (reported by student or any Augustana employee) in their coursework due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the shift to distance learning (e.g., illness, significant care-taking responsibilities, increased work responsibilities, onset or exacerbation of mental health concerns).

  • Students who are eligible for In-Progress grades should be identified and a form submitted to the SRT by noon on Friday of exam week. 
  • Faculty who have a student who has had an “eligible for IP grades” flag raised in Starfish may enter an IP grade or, if the student has completed the course, may enter a letter grade by the published grading deadline. 
  • Faculty who enter a letter grade, but later would like to request an IP grade, must submit a grade change request in Arches AND should complete the online IP request form for record keeping. 
  • After grades post, faculty who enter a grade of IP will receive an I/IP agreement form that they must complete which will include the parameters of how and under what conditions the coursework will be completed as determined by the faculty member.  Faculty members who are not continuing at Augustana should work with their Department Chairs on a completion plan and document this in the I/IP Agreement Form.
  • Faculty may enter a final grade for their student(s) at any time between May 28 and August 14, 2020. 
  • IP grades are not eligible for an extension per DOE regulations. 
  • Unresolved IP grades will be turned to F grades on Monday, August 17, 2020.

In-Progress Grades or the “IP” grade may only be given for courses that are preapproved through faculty governance for In-Progress grading (please consult the department chair or the college catalog to see if a course is approved for IP.) Please be aware that no student may graduate with grades of "I" or "IP" on their record. For assistance please contact a staff member: *Christina Klauer ( ext 7277). NOTE! For Spring 2020, IP grades may be entered for students who experienced challenges related to the transition to distance learning. Faculty should recommend these students for IP by completing a In-Progress Recommendation Form for Department of Education tracking. Students who are eligible for IP grades are flagged in Starfish. 

Arches Times Out after ten minutes of no activity. This is a security feature recommended by our auditors and helps us with FERPA-compliance. As long as faculty continuously enter grades or save and return to the Final Grading screen every ten minutes, there should not be issues. The Office of the Registrar strongly suggest that faculty have all final grades for a section compete and ready to enter before entering any grades for a particular roster. This will help avoid time-out issues.

Failing Grades: If a student has earned a grade of F (failure) or FA (failure to attend at any point all semester) faculty are required to enter a last date of attendance as you enter the final grade. All students, in all sections must have a final grade entered. Do not leave any grades fields in Arches blank.

Missing Students: Students that have been attending but do not appear on the grade roster, should be informed by the faculty member about improper registration and to contact the Registrar's Office immediately. Students on the roster who attended at least one class session, but have now disappeared (stopped attending) should be assigned the appropriate grade that has been earned (this could be a failing grade.) Students who have never attended, but still appear on the roster, should have a grade of "FA" (failure to attend) reported. See failing grades above. 

Missing Grades (i.e. grades not posted by the published deadline) will be assigned a grade of "M" for "missing" at the grade deadline and the final audit of graduates will be performed to confirm the completion of all degree requirements. Faculty missing the grade deadline will need to access the Grade Change Request System linked in Arches beginning the day after grades are due. Please be aware that your failure to meet the grading deadline may prohibit students from graduating. Students may NOT graduate with a missing grade on their record. If a faculty member misses the grading deadline, it is expected they will email the students explaining the delay and that grades will show as "M" until resolved.

Grade Changes needed after grades are submitted (including grade submission for those who do not meet the grade deadline) will not be accepted through the final grade link in Arches. All grade changes are made in Arches through the link to the Grade Change Request System starting the day after grades are due. No grade change requests will be accepted via email attachment, phone or hard copy grade cards. For assistance please contact Christina Klauer (ext 7277)

Accepting Late Work submitted by the student beyond the end of the term cannot be accepted toward the final grade or used to reevaluate a grade at a later time for a grade change. This policy is defined in the faculty handbook. The end of the term is defined as 6:00 pm on the last day of exam week unless another, earlier date is specified by the faculty member in the syllabus. However, a date later than the grade deadline is not permitted. Please refer to the faculty handbook and college catalog.

Incomplete Grade Eligibility are appropriate for a student with an emergency situation. Instructors are discouraged from awarding incompletes for student convenience or because a student simply got behind in their work. If a situation requires awarding an incomplete, please consult any notices you may have received from the Dean of Students or through Starfish that validate a need for the incomplete and submit the "I" grade electronically. After all grades are verified by the Office of the Registrar, faculty will receive an email with a link to a web form requesting information detailing the parameters of the incomplete. [This web form replaces the paper form and email to the Registrar.] Instructors must finalize the "I" grade in the Grade Change Request System in Arches for every "I" grade on their roster once the final grade is determined. Students may submit work to the instructor up to 30-days after the final exam period unless a shorter period is assigned by the faculty member. A final grade is due from instructors one week later. Unresolved incomplete grades will be rolled to a final grade of “F” after 40 days. Students may not graduate with an incomplete (I) grade on their record. Deadlines are published on the Academic Calendar

Confirming Grades were submitted is a faculty responsibility. The Office of the Registrar suggests capturing and saving screen shots for grading records at the time of submission. Due to the volume of grades we will be verifying we are not able to take phone calls or respond to email confirming grades are completed properly, please complete the above process to confirm your grades.

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