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Office of the Registrar forms

Transcript Request form

Petition to Transfer Credit

Official Information Change for an Individual

Petition to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (electronic form for current students)

Program Change Form (major/minor declaration, advisor changes, etc.) PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM, CHECK ARCHES PROGRAM EVALUATION FOR CONFIRMATION OF COMPLETION. May take up to five business days to process.

Electronic Add/Registration Form (Students should submit an add form after their registration time, but within their registration window. Forms submitted outside of this time will be denied and students will need to communicate back during the open registration time. Read your email responses very carefully.)

Electronic Drop Form (forms will only be accepted and processed if they are submitted during published drop periods. Students should continue to attend class until their form is approved and processed. Students under investigation for honor code violation are not eligible to drop the course. Forms submitted outside of the drop periods will receive no action.) 

Final Exam Petition electronic form 

Campus Communication and Technology Acknowledgement form

Privacy Release Form (the student should read the Student Handbook regarding FERPA and our college policies and procedures on record release before signing the privacy waiver) 

Student Research form

Graduation Candidacy Verification Form We do not provide verification for students, see your email or grad report for verification. 

Pass/No Credit Electronic Form: The P/NC form is open for summer 2020 classes only. It will close at 4:30 p.m. June 26.

Registration Surplus Request (Also requires an email of support from advisor to

Audit Form

Appeal of Overload Fees Form expect a 5-10 day response time (please expect additional time to respond in the days and weeks surrounding the conclusion of semester to allow for required, institutional end of the term processing).

Coordinated Degree Programs forms

Guidelines for requesting a Gen Ed designation for a transfer course

Contract Majors Overview

Contract Major Checklist

Contract Major Senior Inquiry Approval Form

Registrar's Office Feedback Electronic form (paper form)

Petition to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (paper form for former students only)


*Additional forms and information for current students are available in the Office of the Registrar.