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Transfer Coursework

To be transferable, courses taken at another institution need not be exactly comparable to courses offered at Augustana, but should be in an academic program and at a level that is normally applicable to an Augustana liberal arts degree.

A stricter criterion of comparability may be applied for a course to fulfill a general graduation requirement or a requirement for a major. Augustana does not accept coursework that is considered remedial in nature, such as college algebra. 

Augustana students who wish to inquire about transferring credits to Augustana should complete the petition to transfer credit form.

Following completion of the pre-approved course, students should arrange to have the official transcripts sent directly to Augustana from the other institution by mail or by official e-delivery. Augustana does not accept hand-delivered transcripts at any time, including those sealed in an envelope. Please see the transcripts page for more information.

(Here is information for students interested in transferring to Augustana.)

For complete policies on transfer work visit the College Catalog.

New Transfer Students

New transfer students who have questions about transferring to Augustana should visit the website for Transfer Students.

Transfer Equivalencies

To see a library of some transfer equivalencies:

1) use Internet Explorer for your browser

2) select the institution and course criteria

3) click submit.

Some courses will show "TR" in the section name, these indicate transfer courses that are provided elective credit toward the degree, but for which Augustana does not offer an equivalent course.  

For detailed information about each course listed below, visit the college catalog